The US Labor Shortage Explained


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The usual explanation, Baby Boomers retiring, people leaving lower paying jobs for higher, and less skilled workers in the market place.

Guess what is conspicuously missing in this analysis?? There would be no labor shortage if Americans had not ABORTED Nearly 60 Million babies since 1973!

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Actions have consequences, and the above correlation is an excellent example.

I believe there is still a good number of people who stopped looking for work and are managing somehow and are disinclined to get back in to the workforce. It can take a while to change things like that. I guess we could use those folks in the workforce.


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People not looking for work? How can we put a number on that?
I don't understand how the process works, but that subgroup doesn't show up in the unemployment numbers. At least that's my understanding. When the stats for those people indicate they're no longer seeking employment, the govmint just takes them right out of the figures for unemployment. I don't know if the govmint tries to number that sub group or not.