The UN Takes A Stand Against God


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I am sorry, i wrote my post at a very sleepy moment and did not pre proof my post. I made several typos and was trying to write to fast and skipped explaining points that I was making. The fig tree beginning to bloom was when Israel became a nation again. I meant that the beginning is 75 years old and the population has grown and the amount of growth is exceeding expectations. Looking at statistics, it is amazing the work God is doing. The fruit it was bearing was just a pun for the amount of actual produce they are supplying. I do apologize for my sloppy post.
Oh, so sorry, I didn't take it that way. My post was just a little bit of spiritual information that some people don't think about, especially folks who are not into eschotology, they just don't realize that God protects that land when The Children Of Israel are not in it. This is why, up until it started blooming, no one but The Children Of Israel wanted it.