The UFO Set-Up


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I think what is really interesting is the timing of all of this. In the middle of all the convergence we are witnessing in our world,
it is now that our government decides to remove all restrictions and enlighten us as to the role ufos have been playing, after keeping
them secret for so many years. Makes ya want to go, "Hmmm..."
There is movement - sometimes very fast movement - in areas of lawlessness, sexual perversions, narcissism and mental issues, the love of self,
rampant sinfulness, people denying and shaking their fists at God, and on and on. We are seeing the end times prophecies all coming together
at one time, like never before, and now ......... we get "the truth" of aliens from our corrupt government. How much more convergence can there be?
This could be the great delusion from God being put into play. We may be out of here very soon..........