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Do you noticed that there are serious two hurricane on way to the "American" Java Cat-5 and Lee Cat 2 or 3 but soon will be Cat 4. Interesting Why and does the American still sleeping or not pay attention God's warning???
Not sure those hurricanes rise to the level of a warning from God.

Just before Covid19 hit the news in Feb 2020, I remarked to my pastor:
"The the Fourth Horseman is casting a shadow over China."

Even then, turns out it was just a shadow of a warning.
I used to tell people who wanted to know about signs of the end:
"When you see over a million people killed by a single natural event ..."
Now I know, even that won't be understood.

(As an aside, I live near a town where twice as many move in, as move out. The rest live in our many nursing homes or are buried in our cemeteries. Seems like that would be a warning. )

They have their blinders on: I think I will keep my foil hat.