The Strong Delusion


Blood bought child of the King of kings.
I remember hearing someone call the belief in the rapture “a false hope.”

This was at a time when I still wasn’t 100% sure of my own belief in it, and it was really discouraging to hear from someone I respected (and still do, just don’t agree on certain things).

Knowing God’s Word a little better now, I know the rapture is the blessed hope, not a false one.

I wish more churches would teach on it, because it would give believers a lot of comfort in the times we’re living in. Nothing brings me out of sadness or frustration better than the thought of being lifted up to the Lord!

There are good teachers out there who are sticking to the real truth and I am forever grateful to them. I know technology has a lot of evil tied up in it, but I believe the Holy Spirit uses it too. Some ministries have grown over the last couple years entirely on the internet, because people like myself were really searching for good teaching that can’t always be found locally.
Many say that belief in the Rapture is a false hope.
And ALL that say that are 100% WRONG.
The Scriptures CLEARLY teach that Jesus Christ will remove His Bride/ Body of Christ before the Tribulation comes upon the world.
The main objective for the 7 year Tribulation is for unbelieving Israel to come to her Messiah , not the redeemed Church who are already in Christ.
If one misunderstands or rejects the Rapture , their eschatology will be out of whack and out of order.
To reject the Rapture is the equivalent to calling Jesus Christ a liar.
The Rapture isn't a false hope, but rather our
blessed hope!

Titus 2:13
Looking for that blessed hope , and the
glorious appearing of the great God and our
Saviour Jesus Christ;

Alot of truth can be gleaned from the above verse.
1. Paul is writing to believers, therefore he is referring to the Rapture , not The Second Coming.
We will be with Christ at His Second Coming , therefore we won't be "looking".

2. We know a blessed hope is involved.
Since it is a blessed hope , it isn't a "false" hope.

3. We know this blessed hope involves the glorious appearing of God.

4. We know this God is our Saviour.

5. We know this God/Saviour is Jesus Christ.

Continue to look for that blessed hope my fine feathered friend!
Before you know it, in a twinkling of an eye!