The Star Trek thread a couple of people mentioned possibly starting over in one of the news forums


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The topic started to get very off topic and someone said maybe they should start a Star Trek thread here. A couple of other people were also mentioning Star Trek.

So here it is.

When I was five or so I thought I could grow up to be captain kirk. I did not, because I cannot violate the laws of physics unlike the engineer whose theme song I wrote to the tune of Sound of Silence.

The original series was the best by far to me, I grew up with reruns and fondly recall going into the toy store and trying to find Star Trek action figures and nobody seemed to know that there was something other than star wars. :)

Watching the next generation was a good study break but I didn't see all of them, and More in reruns when I was in law school as I was too busy in college and had more extracurricular activities then. TNG head some pretty good episodes and character development but nothing could match the camaraderie between kirk, Spock, and McCoy in my opinion - which would have been so perfect with all three on The Muppet Show to promote one of the movies like here. I just wish someone would have convinced Data that he was more human than a lot of people in the way he did seem to care about others and had things that were somewhat like emotions even before he got an emotion chip.

Afterward, I would check the reviews- Timothy Lynch had some excellent ones that are pretty much all cataloged in one site now- before I decided if I would watch a Star Trek episode. Actually I may have done this the last season or two of TNG. I watched the Deep Space Nine one with the Tribbles and a few others but it and Voyager never caught my attention quite like TOS had. I was just too busy. Plus, the idea of Voyager was really a fascinating one but they did seem to really struggle at times with the episodes. I did figure that a garbage scow at maximum speed could get out to where Voyager was so I had the Tribbles help Voyager get home in one story, did a parody combining it, Gilligan's island, and Lost in Space in a race for home, and overall there was just a little too much to parody in it. People would joke Voyager was Cannon but not to itself - which I included in one of those stories.

I probably watched one or two Enterprise episodes originally and then a few others with one of my friends when visiting.

So, I probably haven't been quite as much of a Star Trek as some. I've used it more to help me spark my own creativity as you can see.

Still it is a lot of fun and easier to keep track of than star wars. As I told one of my church friends at our class party last night, at least Earth is the basis so you don't have to understand a whole new universe to get into it.

I even have Star Trek dreams once in a while. I don't know if anyone else does. I write them down if I can remember them, so I might share one later but right now I have gone on far too long.