The ‘Squad’ Joins the China Appeasement Caucus


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The ‘Squad’ Joins the China Appeasement Caucus
Boycott Israel, not Communist China.
By Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The ‘Squad’ of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, and Rep. Cori Bush, already full-time members of the Hamas caucus, expanded their horizons by joining the Communist China appeasement caucus.

Earlier this year, Kerry visited China and returned bearing a warning from his old masters that unless the United States dropped President Trump’s sanctions on the Communist regime over its slave labor, and on China’s military hackers stealing our technology, there would be no deals on global warming. The Xi regime also demanded that America allow its Confucius Institute front groups to conduct infiltration on American campuses, ban pro-democracy protests outside its consulates, and allow it to repress Hong Kong, and conquer Taiwan without any interference.

After his latest treasonous expedition, Kerry became the loudest voice of appeasement even in an administration that was already appeasing the Taliban, Iran, Russia, and China. The Communist regime aided Kerry by undermining other administration envoys, keeping up the pressure from the outside even as Hanoi John and his allies applied pressure from the inside.

Last month it was reported that Congressional allies were circulating a letter urging “U.S. collaboration with China” and insisting that, “There is no conceivable way to address the climate crisis without substantially strengthening communication and collaboration between our nations.” In a treasonous Freudian slip, they couldn’t stop calling it what it was, “collaboration”.

Who would possibly sign a letter like that? Even most Democrats wouldn’t “collaborate”.

But the Squad was thrilled to collaborate. So were the usual mix of House radical leftists like Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Rep. Ro Khanna, Rep. Ted Lieu, Rep. Katie Porter, Rep. Andy Levin, Rep. Chuy Garcia, and Rep. Pramila Jayapal, among others who were happy to cross the streams from collaborating with Islamic terrorists to signing the Communist China collaboration letter.

As soon as the China collaboration letter was issued, the Quincy Institute, a project of George Soros, cheered the move which neatly aligned with its campaign warning against any confrontation with the Communist regime while claiming that the true threat is the climate.

At times the collaboration letter of the China appeasement caucus reads like it came out of Beijing, particularly when it states, “we hope that you will be able to work with China to fulfill the important commitments previously laid out”. While paying lip service to the “Chinese Communist Party’s numerous problematic and widely condemned actions and human rights violations”, which is a very mild way of describing genocide, camps, mass killing, organ theft, forced abortion, invasion, and colonization, the Communist appeasement caucus then dismissed it as merely “current friction” that shouldn’t get in the way of a green new deal with the reds.

The appeasement letter is the brainchild of Rep. Judy Chu of California, who had released pandemic speech codes for members of Congress warning them to refrain from, “Cold War-style rhetoric against China that has fueled xenophobia and put innocent Asian Americans at risk” while claiming that “vague criticisms against a whole country of over 1 billion people reinforce outdated and dangerous Cold War mentalities that the entire country is an enemy”.

Asian Americans are not at risk when we criticise Communist China. Our willingness to stand up to the brutal regime protects them from Chinese police squads which have taken to harassing, threatening, and even kidnapping Chinese opponents of the Communist regime in this country.

But Rep. Chu, who some have accused of participating inCommunist front groups, further defended Communist China by suggesting that what she wrongly described as “unfounded claims that the virus was engineered in a Chinese lab and intentionally unleashed on the world” could lead to internment camps for Chinese people.

When the Justice Department tried to shut down Chinese espionage efforts by “researchers” affiliated with the Chinese military operating in the United States, Rep. Chu falsely described these efforts as “racial profiling” even though the most prominent academic arrested in the campaign against China’s Thousand Talents theft program was not Asian, but white.

Other signatories of the China appeasement letter, including Rep. Ted Lieu and Rep. Pramila Jayapal had joined the campaign to protect China’s spy apparatus.

None of this is especially surprising to the patriotic Chinese Americans and China watchers who had been warning about Rep. Chu for some time now. While Rep. Eric Swalwell’s dubious relationship with Fang Fang, a Communist spy targeting California politicians, made the most headlines; there’s also a photo of Chu smiling alongside Fang.

Fang allegedly helped organize a town hall for Rep. Chu, but her office denied that they knew anything about the Communist agent. Whatever the truth may be, Chu has visited Communist China and appeared at its events while decrying negativity toward the brutal totalitarian regime.

“There are some in Congress who are saying negative and angry things about China,” Rep. Chu complained to China Daily. Instead of criticising China, she bashed America in her interview with the Communist Party propaganda paper, claiming that, “going to my home village and the Jiangmen museum of overseas Chinese it exemplified so greatly the hardships of the Chinese experience when they went abroad and had been treated so poorly by the immigration officials and experienced such hardships as they were trying to settle in America.”

The 80 million Chinese killed by her Communist hosts could not be reached for comment.

This is exactly the kind of despicable “collaboration” that Americans had come to expect from Rep. Chu, but the willingness of Squad members and assorted anti-Israel leftists to join in the China Appeasement Caucus collaboration reveals their hypocrisy on human rights.

Rep. Chu, who can’t find a single bad word to say about a regime that runs concentration camps, had demanded an end to the blockade of Hamas and was a co-sponsor of vicious Israel-bashing legislation like H.R.2590, which sought to ban the use of foreign aid to fight Islamic terrorism. She has been an equally vicious critic of this country, falsely describing border security measures taken against the traffic in illegal aliens as a “child prison”.

The same is true of other signatories to the China appeasement letter, some of whom outright support BDS, or otherwise bash America and Israel on a regular basis, but are prepared to appease a totalitarian Communist regime that is actually oppressing, torturing, and killing.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who made a great show of weeping over a bill funding Israel’s anti-missile Iron Dome defenses while her antisemitic media allies blamed “influential Rabbis” for pressuring her, happily signed onto the China appeasement letter urging the use of the UN’s Green Climate Fund to “provide incentives for the government of China”.

Obama had poured $3.5 billion of money taken from Americans into the wealth redistribution fund, but the Trump administration blocked a $100 million GCF loan for green energy in China.

Biden however asked that $1.2 billion be taken from Americans for the Green Climate Fund.

None of the opponents of the Iron Dome have a problem with financing projects in China despite its notorious use of slave labor and disregard for human life during construction.

“The U.S. has a responsibility as the largest historical emitter to assist poorer countries in mitigating climate change,” the China appeasement letter whines. The term “historical” is both dishonest and a typical example of Chinese Communist regime propaganda.

China’s emissions are twice that of the United States. Even when it comes to the wholly artificial “historical” metric, environmentalists admit that China will surpass us in a decade.

While China’s industry booms, America’s stagnates. Chinese politicians focus on making their country stronger, while ours looks for every opportunity to weaken and undermine America.

China doesn’t have an “America appeasement caucus”. Our institutions are however rotted through with appeasers, collaborators, and traitors who line up to sell out our country.