The Slow Step to a One World Govmint


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Bixby is Samsung's personal assistant. I think it was back around the S7 or maybe S9 that if you pressed the wrong button or swiped the wrong way you would activate Bixby.
I keep pressing a button on my phone and a sign comes up talking about starting Bixby....I never knew what it was until I read your post. I might use 3% of the technology available on my phone. I may consider learning a bit more.

I resent the invasion of privacy by technology, but not enough to do anything about it. Record on.


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What's a Bixby?

I actually hate, hate, hate being monitored. As of right now, I have nothing to hide. I just really like my privacy. I do like tech and see it's usefulness but it's a fine line. I want to eat my cake and have it too. I don't really post private photos on my Facebook. Just highly selected ones I don't mind getting out. Otherwise it's memes and nonsense. LOL If you want access to my devices you should need to have a warrant. Same goes for any tracking. I had these debates shortly after 9/11 and the whole Patriot Act and the tightened airport security. I am a human being and want to be treated with dignity and respect and not manhandled like a known violent offender. And yeah, I'm willing to risk some safety over that. Increased government powers are not something I am interested in.

Not sure if this is still in line with the original intent of the thread but we'll see if it eventually comes back around. So, yeah, that OWG sure seems terrible.

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What's a Bixby?

Bixby is Samsung's personal assistant that comes on their phones and probably other devices. Fortunately, in their more recent phones Bixby is easier to put to rest and keep out of the way. What I've been noticing lately is Google's personal assistant seems to be popping up out of nowhere... that's a new issue for me...