The Seed of Satan?


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I don't want to mention names but they release something every week, nonsense. I'm sorry but when the baby was born, I just felt it, too strong. I tried rationalizing with myself, what was my motive, etc. Even to this day, I can't change my mind. I may be called crazy but it's what I strongly feel. I read a book a few years ago, an old book. The details and research behind that book was amazing. Even though the author, he dropped out of a military academy to concentrate on his research, got the family bit down, he got the wrong person. He was one generation early. The lineage of this family (even though I think the matriarch is unaware) is simply too encompassing to ignore. It covers all the bases.
What in the world are you saying? Not to be taken as confrontational, just confused. Maybe best you don’t explain?

Andy C

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The question isn’t whether he would have a natural birth.

But that God would be giving anyone eerie premonitions when a specific baby is born that he will be that man.
Doesnt sound biblically rooted.
Agree, its not grounded in biblical truth. There is no need for us at this point in time to know who will eventually be the AC. We wont be here, and really, I dont care.