The sad state of affairs in Chicago.... and most american cities


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Since most of you would be offended by the website name I am not going to post it here but I thought I would share some shockingly sad statistics...

Week in Progress
Shot & Killed: 12
Shot & Wounded: 54
Total Shot: 66
Total Homicides: 16

Month to date
Shot & Killed: 62
Shot & Wounded: 295
Total Shot: 357
Total Homicides: 72

Year To Date numbers
Shot & Killed: 427
Shot & Wounded: 2349
Total Shot: 2776
Total Homicides: 475

Solve rate: 20.9%

if you want to verify figures or see the rest of the info just Google Illustrating Chicago Values and the site will be #1 result.

if things are this bad now, just imagine how much WORSE it will be after the restrainer is removed....


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I have made comments here before. Also to the church I attend. Our pastor know exactly how I feel about the rapture of the church.
Our country is in moral decay, more murder, more selling of drugs, more prostitution and more abortion everyday. More and more
illegal and refugees come here with the intent of killing us and running our political and monetary system in the ground under SATAN and one world government. When we all go up, That will stop for us.

We do not know, but we do "know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him just as He is." (I John 3:2).


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The Chicago Bulls are not the only shot clock in town...

The city's shot clock...

Yup, that's right Chiraq is averaging 2 murders a day....


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There is a direct correlation between parenting skills and likelihood to abuse gun rights. This is almost never talked about. I believe it's because it doesn't serve the purposes of "disarm the population" crowd. Chicago is a liberal city, located in a liberal state. On the surface, it appears to be a "nice" group of people, but they would rather raise culturally diverse children, than culturally responsible children.


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They love that shoot 'em up stuff in Chicago. They love that gang crime rampage. The people keep voting in the same political party year in and year out...and it gets worse. They're getting what they want. For most of their demoncrat political hacks, you know--those working for you--there's just too much money in it for them to really put a stop to it.


I live in the Chicago burbs, far enough out to miss all the mayhem. I wonder for how long?

I moved from Mount Prospect to Florida last year. What a change! People actually fear The Lord down here! I don't miss turning on the channel 5 news on Monday mornings and hearing about how many people were shot over the weekend. I got a news report a little while ago that so far there's been 500 homicides in Chicago this year. Demons rule there and the crooked politicians are only too happy to comply with their orders. I'm happy to be out! Soon Yeshua is going to take all of His faithful out!