The road to al-Quds does not pass through Beirut - analysis


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The road to al-Quds does not pass through Beirut - analysis
Hezbollah needs to rein in Palestinian operatives before they drag the region into war.
Published: APRIL 25, 2022

It should come as no surprise that as clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces continue in Jerusalem, rockets are being fired from south Lebanon. The defense establishment was expecting the relatively quiet front to eventually see some rocket fire. Though rocket fire from Lebanon is rare – yes, Hezbollah would rather keep the “peace” – there have been more than a dozen rockets fired toward northern Israel in the past year. The majority have been fired by Palestinian operatives belonging to Hamas, which has over the years been engaged in force build-up and developing military capabilities along Israel’s northern border. Israel has openly acknowledged Hamas’s intensification in Lebanon, including in Hezbollah’s stronghold of southern Lebanon.



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The question isn't whether or not Hamas will fire rockets, the bigger question is what will the current Israeli leadership DO about it! They were very critical of Bibi Netanyahu, talking big about how he was too weak

but now that the current leadership DEPENDS on the Muslim Brotherhood allied Arab Members of the Knesset to maintain that fragile alliance they seem to have shut up about protecting Israel.

Instead they've shut off access to the Temple Mount, to the JEWS, because the Arab Palestinians are rioting and attacking.

You get more of whatever behaviour you reward!

And Bennett, Lapid and Gantz are rewarding terrorists.
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