The Return of Jesus


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The Return of Jesus
The killing of the False Messiah will traumatize the Christians and Jews who had followed him, for it will finally reveal to them that he was not what he had claimed to be. The Prophet of Islam, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said:

"The son of Mary will soon descend among you and will judge justly (according to the Law of God [26]): he will break the cross and kill the pig... " (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

The breaking of the cross may be figurative or literal: the destruction of erected idols in churches and tearing down of crosses from their steeples, as well as forbidding the use of personal crosses as symbols of religion; or the destruction of the myth that he was executed by the Romans on a cross at the instigation of the Jews. Likewise, the killing of the pigs may be both literal and figurative: literally conducting a campaign to kill all pigs so the consumption of their meat becomes impossible, allowing them to be killed, or simply re-imposing the ban God made since time immemorial [27] on eating their flesh, effectively forcing pig farmers to get rid of their stock by culling. In effect, two of the mainstays of widespread Christian practice will be removed, indicating that the religion as taught by modern Christians would henceforth be defunct, and marking a return to the religion as originally intended (Islam).


Soon and very soon ....
Any christ who isn't the True Jesus of scripture is a false christ. ..whether it's new age, JWs or islam. ....

Islams false christ isn't the Son of God ....

As for "Prophet" read false prophet ....
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