The Resurrection: The Rewards of Faith

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The Resurrection: The Rewards of Faith
Through the resurrection, God has offered us the following:

A New Life

Romans 6:2-3 - Sin’s power is broken.
Romans 6:4 - Sin-loving nature is buried.
Romans 6:6 - Sin can no longer control us and hold us in bondage.

A New Nature

Romans 6:5 - We can now share Life with Christ through resurrection.
Romans 6:11 - Our old sin nature is dead and we have new, changed life in God.

A New Freedom

Romans 6:13 - We are no longer bound by sin and can give ourselves freely to God.
Romans 6:16 - We are free to choose our Master, God or Satan -- our only two choices.


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Praise God!

And as Paul says later in Romans.

RO 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,