The Rapture Report – MLB to launch new, voluntary facial recognition ticket entry system at Phillies games


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The Rapture Report – MLB to launch new, voluntary facial recognition ticket entry system at Phillies games
By Chris Schang

In what is being offered as the ultimate “hands free” experience, MLB is launching a voluntary ticket entry system that involves a facial recognition scan to enter ballparks. MLB is offering this for the first time at the Philadelphia Phillies ballpark starting August 21, 2023.

We have all heard about facial recognition software and some countries like China have even developed a social credit score to help keep their citizens in line. It appears to make good business sense to offer convenience services like these in the entertainment industry before trying to get people to use them in everyday life. Making these things seem “cool” is one way to get the masses to hand over their biometric data.

NBC Sports Philadelphia is reporting:

Citizens Bank Park will be the first MLB stadium to have “Go-Ahead Entry” as an option for fans. Starting Monday, Aug. 21, the Phillies will offer Go-Ahead Entry at CBP’s first base gate. Any fans who have completed registration for the program on the MLB Ballpark app, which includes a facial scan, can walk through and have their tickets automatically scanned. The team calls it “the ultimate hands-free, free-flow experience.”

What does this involve? According to the MLB:

“In accordance with MLB’s Privacy Policy, Go-Ahead Entry cameras will scan your face to create a unique numerical token associated with you. The facial scans will be deleted immediately thereafter. Only the unique numerical token will be retained and associated with your MLB account.”

According to the Phillies, the team plans to “expand the offering” beyond the first base gate next season. MLB plans to have Go-Ahead Entry at additional parks in 2024.
The article gives a link to the MLB website where they explain how the system works. The MLB website says that to enjoy this facial recognition experience all one must do is:

How it Works

1. Register for free using the latest version of the MLB Ballpark app. Ensure your tickets to the upcoming game are on your MLB Ballpark app account.
2. Enter the Go-Ahead Entry Lane and Citizens Bank Park’s First Base Gate with your full party.
3. Approach the gate to enter hands-free.
4. When you arrive at the ballpark and proceed through the Go-Ahead Entry lane, all individuals will be scanned by the facial authentication cameras for entry. Your family and guests will enter Go-Ahead Entry with you to enter the park if the tickets are on your MLB Ballpark app account.
5. Enjoy the ballgame!

The Bible warns mankind that the day is coming when one man will rule the world. He is commonly referred to as the Antichrist. He will require all people to take his “mark” to buy and sell. This is the dreaded “Mark of the Beast” that is somehow connected to the number 666. The Bible described the mark as being in the forehead or hand.

When we see things like this that are reported in this article, it is clearly showing us that the technology of today is moving forward whereby people can increase their independence in the new world order if they will just give away their biometric data to whoever asks for it. While this is facial recognition as opposed to a mark on the forehead or hand, it is nonetheless scary that we are speeding forward with such technology that has the potential to fulfill Bible prophecy in some way.

More and more countries are embracing facial recognition technology and the soon to be digital currencies to keep tabs on their citizens. This is just one more step in the wrong direction for mankind. We have seen in the past where people were allowing RFID chips to be inserted under their skin to simply “wave a hand” to enter bars and special events all in the name of convenience.

I believe that we will be seeing more and more technology being embraced as we go further into the end times. Convenience and being “cool” will be at the forefront of people being willing to participate in these things despite the privacy concerns.

A recent Rapture Report showed how some young people weren’t concerned about privacy issues if they were given a little money in exchange for it. It doesn’t take much to see how all these companies could eventually merge all their data together creating a biometric nightmare for the world’s citizens. By the time that happens, it will be too late to do anything about it. Just as easy as they can let you into the ballpark, they can ban you from the ballpark. Same with your money, job, school, and whatever else they want.

Keep looking up as all the signs are pointing to the rapture of the church and the soon return of Jesus Christ!

God bless you!