The Rapture Report – If Aliens contact Earth, it may not be Humans who get the call


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The Rapture Report – If Aliens contact Earth, it may not be Humans who get the call
By Chris Schang

With all the buzz going on about Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days it can be very overwhelming to people. Artificial Intelligence has been helpful in some cases with making advances in science, technology, etc. that would have otherwise taken a long time in the past.

When you mix Artificial Intelligence and Space you get lots of articles and commentaries about UFOs and Extra Terrestrials (ET).

A Fox News article is reporting:

A Harvard professor of astronomy is predicting extraterrestrials will make contact with artificial intelligence before humans, due to aliens potentially feeling a “kinship” with human technology.

“My expectation from interstellar travel is that it’s best done with electronic gadgets and devices rather than with biological creatures because the journey takes a long time,” Harvard professor Avi Loeb said in an upcoming documentary titled “God Vs. Aliens.”

“Even to the nearest star, it will take us 50,000 years to get there with chemical rockets. And artificial intelligence systems have that patience – and then they can remain dormant … so that they survive the journey,” he said.


Space agencies across the world, including NASA and the European Space Agency, have for years been using AI technology to chart galaxies and stars and even send robots to other planets.

Loeb said extraterrestrials would likely reach out to artificial intelligence before humans due to a likely “kinship.”

“If they visit us, of course, we can use our AI systems to interpret their AI systems. And, you know, they might feel a kinship to them,” Loeb said.

I have heard a lot of people in the past say that they think one of the possible ways the rapture will be explained away is that those left behind will say that aliens came to remove the “Christians” from the earth so mankind can evolve.

I think today’s current Artificial Intelligence technology mixed with mankind’s growing hatred of God will give many the excuse to remove Him from the equation when the rapture happens. Many will not want to believe that the “nutty” Christians were right. They will curse God in their hearts and their wickedness will grow unrestrained as God begins the seven year Tribulation period to punish unbelieving Israel and unrepentant sinners left behind.

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, all believers should definitely keep a watch on the news headlines.

Keep looking up!


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They'd change their mind when they meet Joe Biden. They'd say they expected more from us lol

Kidding aside, of course it is humans they want to interact with. Because they're not really some random life that sprang from some corner in the universe. They're demons who've always wanted to influence and are keep influencing mankind.