The Rapture Report – Brazil high court rules homophobia punishable by prison


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The Rapture Report – Brazil high court rules homophobia punishable by prison
By Chris Schang

Don’t look now but if you voice any opposition to the LGBTQ+ agenda in Brazil, you can be put in jail for it. Just using a word that homosexuals don’t like can cause you to end up in jail.

This sounds a lot like a Nazi fascism on display here. Either fall in line with the perverted LGBTQ+ agenda or face the wrath of the government.

An article by France24 reports:

Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that homophobic slurs are now punishable by prison, in a decision applauded by rights activists in a country with rampant violence against the LGBTQ+ community.

The 9-1 ruling puts homophobic hate speech on the same legal level as racist hate speech, which was already punishable by prison in Brazil.

Justice Edson Fachin, the lead judge on the case, said in his ruling it was a “constitutional imperative” to give LGBTQ+ citizens equal protection under the law.
The court had ruled in 2019 that homophobia was a crime, just like racism.

While we do not support hate crimes or violent actions against others, we do believe in standing for the truth of warning people about the health hazards of homosexuality and the LGBTQ+ lifestyles.

We know that the LGBTQ+ lobby will claim that any speech critical of their agenda will be framed as hate speech and people will be thrown in jail. This is clearly a satanic power move to allow sexual perversion to rampant in Brazil. It is sad that Brazil has come to this type of behavior. But it is not surprising.

The Bible tells us that the end times is characterized by the rise of homosexuality and sexual perversion. Today, we are making Sodom and Gomorrah look like a walk in the park. We have seen a steep rise in people embracing the LGBTQ+ agenda and more kids are becoming sexually confused with the constant propaganda from LGBTQ+ activists.

Satan is having a field day and I suspect things will get even worse. We need to pray that hearts are softened, and that people come to realize he dangers of the LGBTQ+ lifestyles.

As we see the rise in this kind of extreme sexual deviancy, we can know that the time of the rapture of the church is getting closer and closer.

Keep looking up!

God bless you.


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Almost seems to me, with the fast rise of this agenda, the homosexual agenda, if you're a straight person and especially if you are a Christian you have no right what so ever to say anything against the homosexual agenda! We, the straits, are the forgotten ones and have, basically, no position in society at all!

All I can say is - COME LORD JESUS!!


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I don't have much contact with my family in Brazil but my sister is because she's been able to go down to visit several times. They are faithful Believers though she says they are more charismatic than we'd normally be comfortable with. Mennonites have not lately been having a very good track record standing against the rainbow crew but I think my family would. My sister said they were big Bolsanaro fans. Though Brazil has had corrupt and socialist leaders in the past so they have had some experience with that. Hosting the 2016 Rio Games and the World Cup in the same time frame was an unpopular disaster (this was pre-Bolsanaro).

When Bolsanaro was still in charge, my family up here was starting to consider if we should apply for our Brazilian passports or not. Just as well that it was all a pipe dream, I guess. We'll stick with the tyrants we know, thank you very much.


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I can't think of any other reason to explain the global rise of forced acceptance of the LGBT perversion than Satan is running this strange movement. Making it illegal to criticize or condemn immoral sexual behavior. Something most cultures used to have laws against for good reasons.


Its all about Jesus and your relationship with Him
Similar violations of Free speech law will either bring this nation to disaster or armed revolt.

Either way its a mess. Liberal chaos , or Tyrannical mock purity.

Come Lord Jesus, Be our King and Lord. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.

Deliver us from this evil.


Its all about Jesus and your relationship with Him
To be clear, we don't fear LGBT... we fear God Provb 9:10, 1:7

They are sinners just like all of us Rom 3:23

But many refuse to understand, to see the sin that rules them. Most love their sin and defend it claiming its their right.
But such a right only brings evil and destruction.

We all need help. We need to understand what and where we are. We need to understand our real need.

To abuse innocents just to create a fan base and justify evil is one of the most wicked of sins.

God hates it.

And like the world keeps fanning the flames.