The Rapture Report – 10/12/2018 – The Mask Drops: Russia Reveals Itself As Israel’s Enemy

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  1. Chris

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    The Rapture Report – 10/12/2018 – The Mask Drops: Russia Reveals Itself As Israel’s Enemy
    By Chris Schang

    This past week I came across an interesting analysis article from Arutz Sheva that gave a run down on a MEMRI article titled “The Mask Drops: Russia Reveals Itself As Israel’s Enemy”. As the title suggests and students of Bible prophecy know Russia is really not Israel’s friend. While Putin has long kept this hostility for Israel out of the public eye by maintaining visibly friendly relations with Israel, there appears to be evil intentions that have now become more apparent with the Russian delivery of the S-300 missile systems to Syria after the recent downing of a Russian military plane. As I mentioned in the last Rapture Report, Russia has been very upset in what it believes is Israel’s fault as it relates to the 15 lives lost in the missile strike last month. As a result, it appears that Russia’s true ambitions and plans have come out now that they have provided Syria with the S-300 system. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Russia’s actions have helped Israel’s enemies at their expense. I expect to see more of this in the future.

    The MEMRI did a very interesting daily brief article on the situation this past week. The MEMRI article reports:

    “A year ago, Russia’s mask of non-hostility towards Israel was still in place, in the form of strategic coordination with Israel regarding the latter’s bombings in Syria. This allowed it to conceal that it fully sided with Israel’s enemies – Syria and Iran. Even as it refrained from trying to stop Israel from bombing Iranian targets in Syria – as if it could have prevented this – it was at the same time enabling and sponsoring Iran’s expansion into Syria.”


    “Following the September 18 downing of an Ilyushin-20 plane by Syrian missiles, Russia’s mask dropped, and the true anti-Israel face of its policy was fully revealed. Indeed, Putin first attempted to conceal it by refraining from fully blaming Israel for the tragedy. But soon enough he joined his subordinates in blaming Israel, and announced that Russia would equip Syria with S-300 missile systems, which would, inter alia, protect Iranian forces in Syria from Israeli attacks.

    Now the picture is crystal clear: The Russians, who originally enabled and sponsored the Iranian expansion in Syria as an anti-U.S. measure, will now also protect the Iranians in Syria from Israeli attacks. This constitutes an undeclared act of war against Israel by an enemy, i.e. Russia – since it will not be the Syrians operating the S-300s against Israeli aircraft, because they yet face a long learning curve to do this; it will, for an indeterminate time, be Russian officers.
    But with Russia’s equipping Syria with S-300s, and their inevitable operation by Russian officers against Israeli aircraft, the Russians risk a major military and technological debacle. They will learn, if they haven’t yet from the Ilyushin tragedy, that Israeli-American technology is far superior to Russia’s – and that goes not just for the S-300s now being shipped to the Syrians, but also for the S-300s and S-400s that Russia already has in place in Syria for its own defense. Perhaps only an internal Russian military investigation can show what these systems were doing when the Ilyushin was shot down.

    Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu rejects the Israeli version of events, according to which the Israeli planes were already back over Haifa when the Ilyushin was shot down. The Russians argue that the radar picture showed an Israeli plane using the Ilyushin as a shield. A possible explanation for this, revealed by the Israeli daily Haaretz, is that the radar picture available to the Russians was not actual, but was the product of Israel’s electronic warfare. Given that this will continue to be part of any future Israeli bombing, the advanced Russian missile defense systems will be rendered no longer marketable. Perhaps this is why the Russians, upon announcing that they will deliverer S-300s to Syria, simultaneously announced their willingness to negotiate with the U.S. on this delivery, in order to avert any possible clashes with Israel and their ramifications.”


    “Russia’s true face has been revealed not only in the military/strategic sphere – by providing S-300s to Syria – but also by its reversion to the old Russian/Soviet antisemitism that not even Russian President Putin’s “special relationship” with Chabad can camouflage. Former Israeli Ambassador to Russia Zvi Magen noted: “The media blamed Israel on the day of crisis in a well-timed orchestrated manner, filled with antisemitic elements. This wasn’t random.”[2] Given Russia’s actual policy towards Israel, this should come as no surprise.”

    I think from the article we can see that the Russians have tried hard to play Israel as fools while they work both sides of the fence in the Middle East. The Russians are a very deceitful and cunning people as we are seeing here. There is good reason why Americans do not trust the Russians and it is because of things like this. I believe the sudden downing of the Russian spy plane forced Russia into a “slip of the mask” whereby they made a move to try to put Israel in check by the delivery of the S-300 system. Perhaps the Russians found it in the spy plane incident and decided not to waste a good crisis, so they moved in with the S-300 system that Israel has practically begged them not do. Why Russia even boasted that it gave the system to Syria for free.

    The Arutz Sheva article had some interesting commentary and analysis on the situation. They went on to report:

    “Last week, Russia delivered the S-300 to Syria in the middle of the night but said it would take another three months before Syrian army officers would be able to operate the missile shield independently. It appears Israel is now working in tandem with the United States to counter the threat posed by the new Russian-made Syrian anti-aircraft batteries. During his meeting with US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly almost two weeks ago Netanyahu said he had “got everything he wanted from Trump” regarding the crisis with Russia over Syria.

    The Israeli-Russian crisis started after the Russian army falsely blamed Israel’s air force (IAF) for the downing of a Ilyushin IL-20 reconnaissance plane which was shot down with a S-200 SAM missile killing 15 Russian servicemen on Sept. 20. Trump reportedly okayed the immediate delivery of an additional number of F-35 stealth war planes – which are considered the best fighter jets in the world – to the Israeli Air Force, while for the first time deploying a squadron of US F-35s in Abu Dhabi. Both moves must be regarded as an attempt to neutralize the threat posed by the new S-300 anti-aircraft batteries to both the IAF and the US Air Force, which is supporting American Special Forces stationed in eastern Syria and northern Iraq. The Russians, meanwhile, are increasingly showing they are acting in Syria as Iran’s ally in its war against Israel and the US.

    Russia’s latest actions in Syria show once again that Putin is trying to establish himself as the main regional power at the expense of Israel and the United States, even if this means harming Israel’s vital security interests.”

    I believe this last paragraph is important to students of Bible prophecy as it shows that Russia is moving closer and closer to leading the Ezekiel 38-39 conflict as spoken about by the prophet Ezekiel some thousands of years ago. Russia is definitely positioning themselves in the region and joining forces with the other countries mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39. While it remains for Turkey to become closer to Russia and Iran, there have been some movement at times in that direction. I think all we need are a few more “incidents” and things will fall into place. I can’t help but think about the Bible mentioning Gog getting an “evil thought” as it relates to Israel. While the Bible does not give an exact timing of the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario except that it happens in the last days, I believe we can see that things are definitely moving into that direction as the alliances being made between Israel’s enemies these days are unprecedented in history.

    I think we would all do well to keep an eye on Syria and what is going on there. I am looking for Turkey and the other Ezekiel 38-39 allies to come into the picture sooner rather than later. We need to keep watch and as always to keep looking up!

    God bless.
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  2. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

    Exactly, Chris!
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  3. RobinMc

    RobinMc Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking Turkey is already in the picture. They've had 2 meetings with Iran and Russia already this year.
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  4. lightofmylife

    lightofmylife Blessed Hope-Prepare To Fly!

    The players are in view, and the pieces of the prophetic puzzle are falling in place. I do not believe believers will be here for Gog & Magog. Keep looking :thumbup:thumbup up our redemption is drawing :) near.:rapture
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  5. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    They are to an extent. They have had meetings with Russia and Iran a couple times, but their presence in Syria is limited and mostly in the north along the border with Syria. The Russians and Iranians are the major players right now. Turkey needs to be more involved IMHO. Also, the other countries mentioned also need to come into play as well.

    I believe we are seeing the initial stages of Ezekiel 38-39, but I think there is more that needs to fall into place before it can happen. Whether there is a gradual buildup of forces or if it is sudden after say a major unexpected event like Isaiah 17, I don’t know. All I know is that we should keep watching what is going on in Syria.
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  6. OnlyHim

    OnlyHim Well-Known Member

    I think Turkey and Russia are still squabbling about Idlib too.
  7. Monarch

    Monarch Well-Known Member

    I have been lurking here for a long time, but wanted to add some things to this thread. Hello everyone.

    It's my belief as well that we are at the initial stages of Ezekiel 38-39. But to add to what Chris said above, if you go by current events unfolding in Libya and Sudan, it appears those countries could very well end up in the mix sooner than many think. I apologize for the length of this post, but I believe what is currently unfolding could quite possibly lead to an economic and military alliance between Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sudan and Libya.

    Regarding Libya;

    There were news reports this week that Russia has been sending S-300 systems to Libya, and also troops. There are also reports that Russia is building two military bases on the Libyan coast. The rumor is Russia is attempting to gain a foothold in Libya for the control of their oil and gas, and putting bases on the coast to control ports would be the same exact thing they are currently doing in Syria. Make no mistake, Russia's current involvement in Syria is all about oil and gas, and their access to it. More on that below.

    Anyways, Russia has had extensive talks with the current Libyan government on exploratory natural resource mining and have come to an agreement on the potential research and drilling for fossil fuels in Libya. If Russia decides to get involved in Libya with the same effort as currently in Syria, it's easy to see how much influence they will hold over any Libyan government.

    Regarding Sudan;

    Turkey and Sudan have agreed to a $100 million dollar economic deal, and news of this broke in September. Here are some excerpts from that announcement.

    "On Saturday, the Sudanese government announced the formulation of a roadmap to implement agreements signed with Turkey in the economic, financial, banking and commercial fields as well as gas, oil, agriculture, livestock and minerals projects."


    "Following his meeting with the Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir on Monday, Pakdemirli said the two countries also signed a number of animal wealth and agriculture investment agreements.

    He pointed out that an agreement has been signed between the two countries to facilitate banking transactions in order to increase the volume of trade exchange which currently stands at $481 million.

    The Turkish minister said his meeting with al-Bashir discussed all issues pertaining to bilateral cooperation as well as issues of common concern."

    As with Russia's current partnership with Syria, Iran and now apparently Libya, Turkey will be have a major influence over Sudan and any economic partnership that includes cooperation of issues of "common concern" could very well lead to a military alliance.

    So what does all of this mean? It shows that Russia and Turkey are currently doing everything they can to grab spoils when the opportunity arrives. I find this very interesting considering Ezekiel 38-39 is all about taking spoils from Israel. As I mentioned above, Russia is firmly involved in Syria over the gas and oil resources. Along with this, I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but it was reported in 2015 that huge oil and gas reserves were located in the Golan Heights.

    I find it highly ironic in that same year, Russia decided they needed to help Syria patrol the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. Someone reported a few days ago that he believes the only reason Russia cares about the Golan Heights is because of the oil and gas reserves. Russia's Foreign Minister came out just a day or so ago and rejected Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and any attempt by Israel by to claim it would be violating UN resolutions.

    Also, Russia came out today and said that Iran has every right to be in Syria, and it's none of Israel's business if they want to be there.

    So you have Russia dictating everything inside of Syria now. Russia is looking to have the same foothold in Libya. Iran is in Syria for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. Turkey is creating an economic and possibly regional ally in Sudan while placing tons of military gear, troops and assets in Syria for the purpose of "protecting their own interests". It sure seems like while the Sudan and Libyan pieces of the puzzle are coming together, Syria is going to be the gathering place of those who attack Israel.

    We are living in very interesting times.
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  8. Everlasting Life

    Everlasting Life Through Faith in Jesus

    What's interesting about all this to me is our previous president and his administration were instrumental (through action or inaction) in preparing Libyia and other countries with geopolitical changes in the world, setting things up for events described in the bible. I do believe that it was God's will for these leaders to be in place to serve His purposes, partly to move forward the prophetic time clock. It seems that America's influence and strategic interests needed to be pulled back to allow these other entities to come forward and take their prophetic place geopolitically.

    Even when I dont understand or am troubled by leaders....God is still in control, working out His plan. A plan that's broader than one nation's interests.
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  9. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    Hello Monarch, welcome to the forum!

    Thanks for the article, you are right, we’re living in very interesting times indeed.
  10. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    I think as usual they are focusing on the Kurds. The Kurds can hit at home with Turkey, so they are always seem to focus on them.
  11. SonSeeker

    SonSeeker Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your input and welcome to the Forum, Monarch!
    Back to the OP regarding Russia arming Syria with the S-300 system and the 15 lives lost in the missile strike. With everything we know at this point, and all that is at stake, it wouldn't surprise me if Russia shot down its own spy plane and blamed Israel.
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  12. Xenosjeff

    Xenosjeff Well-Known Member

    Since our new President has put the brakes on all of the psuedo diplomatic double speak, our enemies have had to come out of the shadows to keep in the game.

    This is one thing that weasles like Obama and his sycophant ninnies just can't grasp. If you look a lying creep in the eye and tell them that their game is over and we have the will to stick to our guns, the creeps will panic. Mr Trump, thank you for saying what you mean and letting the light scatter the roaches.

    As far as Russia goes, now that we're not playing McFly to Iran, Russia's play is now in the open because we are not playing the Obama style "I'm so smart this is going to work".

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  13. RobinMc

    RobinMc Well-Known Member

    The countries listed are hurting financially. Israel has what they want and they hate them to boot, so two birds with one stone. Getting the US out of the way could only make it easier for them, plus, there would probably be gains for them also without us. Russia/Putin is hungry for power and needs wealth to make that happen and I would put nothing past them.
    For me personally, if this country were hit with a powerful nuclear attack, I just wouldn't be surprised.
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  14. Tall Timbers

    Tall Timbers Imperfect but forgiven

    I can't help but wonder why Russia moved S300s into Syria and not the S400s which would have created a much more formidable air defense zone... given what we know will be happening, probably quite soon, you'd think Russia's planners would have wanted the latest operational generation system in place.
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  15. cchomeschoolmom

    cchomeschoolmom Well-Known Member

    I wonder if money is a factor in that decision. They might also not want to show their hand to that degree.
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  16. OnlyHim

    OnlyHim Well-Known Member

    Is there any way of knowing for sure Russia didn't just "say" it was the s300 and actually deliver the s400 or s500 if they finished it instead?
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  17. Monarch

    Monarch Well-Known Member

    From what I understand the S-400 is already in Syria but is only being manned by Russian operators. They were only to be installed at Russian military bases including the one near Latakia. Given the obvious nature of Syria's poor operations of the S-200, I doubt Russia wants the more advanced systems in the hands of Syrian troops which is why only Russian operators are running them. The S-300 is being manned by Russian and Iranian troops right now until Syria's military is fully capable of doing so.

    In the last 30 days since Israel's last airstrikes in Syria, there have been multiple cargo flights being made by Russian, Syrian and Iranian aircraft going into and out of Damascus, etc. We really have no idea what is being brought into Syria currently, but I'm fairly certain it's not good for Israel.
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  18. Monarch

    Monarch Well-Known Member

    Thanks! It's good to be among like minded believers.

    It's amazing how quickly things are coming together. It's also quite telling just how much influence Russia is currently establishing in the areas directly surrounding Israel.
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  19. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    Great article. This stood out. I think the recent anger over the Saudi's possible murder of one of the Saudi citizens in the embassy on Turkish soil is moving Turkey closer to Iran against the Saudis. Turkey is Sunni, as are the Saudis but both want control of the Sunni Muslim population world wide. Turkey has an axe to grind against the Saudis, feeling that they were always the better leaders of the Umma as they call the world wide population of Muslims.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend as the old saying goes, and I think that might come into play here moving Turkey ever so slightly closer to Iran's goal of eliminating Saudi control of Mecca and Medina where all Muslims are supposed to make the Haj pilgrimage to at least once in their lives.
    That allowed Russia valuable time to consolidate it's position in Syria while Putin had elections back home in Russia. That mask is a lie, always has been, but it's so that the "useful idiots" -- (a Russian Communist phrase that they often used to describe their stooges in the leftist media and universities of the West), -- could continue to echo the Russia is a nice guy meme. I about choked on my coffee when poor Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin got it in the neck in the last 2 Obama elections, mocked severely for warning that Russia is the most important enemy for America to be wary of. Obama got in twice, and we saw that buffoon Hilary botch even a joke with Russia on that reset button. Obama insisted that global warming, not Islam and definitely not Russia was the biggest problem.

    Russians will only comply with the West including Israel when they are in a weak position.

    Once they feel strong enough they WILL let that mask slip.

    And that is EXACTLY what happened here. MEMRI's analysis is correct.

    No it sure wasn't random. Russia is NEVER random.

    They feel strong enough in Syria to show their true nature.

    Good article Chris.
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  20. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    Excellent analysis. totally agree.

    I've been mildly interested in the actions of the Wagner group (Russian "mercenaries" who appear to be elite forces, who never use Muslim volunteers) ever since the Crimean problem when Russian rebels fighting to split from the Ukraine stupidly shot down a Malaysian airliner. That group has been useful to Putin to send in to Syria as well (they were the ones who got slaughtered when they attacked an American/Kurdish I think it was position near the northern Syrian oil rich zone and obviously underestimated the American resolve and the American allied rebel forces.)

    Lately I've been rather stunned to find the Wagner group and a newer even more exclusive group called The Patriots popping up in Africa. They've been active in the Central African Republic, where several Russian journalists investigating Wagner ended up dead, as well as the Sudan and yes Libya. They act in a coordinated fashion with the oil oligarchs and Russian companies that act on behalf of the government while technically being not part of official Russian outreaches. In tandem, the mercenaries and the oil concerns lock up the oil production and distribution of these countries.

    Many of the Russian reporters that have ended up dead over the last decade were investigating the Wagner group or it's founders.

    If the pattern that Russia and Putin used to go into Syria and take over holds true, Russia is already well on the way to controlling the CAR and the south Sudan area for oil and naturally they will protect those interests. And they are starting up in Libya too.

    Once they are in, they are like cockroaches, you will have very little chance of ever evicting them again, and if the Syria pattern holds true, Russia will be in full control of those countries soon.
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