The Present Moment Has Set Blacks Back a Half-Century

Cindy S.

When he comes, will he find faith? Luke 18:8
There haven't been any "peaceful protests." That's a pack of lies disseminated by the MSM. All of these protests have been characterized by violence and anti-white hatred, not to mention the overt communist leanings of the participants.
In my town, the "peaceful protest" ended up with the crowd being dispersed by teargas, homes set on fire and businesses attacked overnight. They "DEMAND" this and that, I DEMAND my rights to live in peace. I don't care who my neighbors are as long as they are quiet, respectful and GO TO WORK as I do every morning. That's equality, anything more is reparations, that if owed at all, were owed to the original slaves ONLY. What we have now is reverse racism against white people. I'm tired of it, you should see how full the parking lot is at the gun store. Defund the police? People are getting ready for whatever comes next.
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Blood bought child of the King of kings.
And there is one other thing; actually two.

First, there is an innate desire for self-expression and freedom inbred in the human soul. The rigid strictures of Communist/Marxist-Leninist structures cannot permit either, for then some would rise above others, destroying the ethos of the system in which all are to be equal. Human nature and human energy make such inequalities unavoidable. Therefore, under what is in fact an oppression that is necessary to keeping all people "equal", governmental authority must be enforced through rigid social structures. We see that in history throughout the former USSR, and today in China and her satellite, North Korea. Eventually and inevitably, those living under such a system begin to feel oppressed. A people can only be kept down so long and then they will rise to free themselves and give vent to their own self-expression. Nobody can live happily for long in a society where all individual expression is squashed, where all that matters is the collective. Therefore, to maintain the unity and sanctity of the proletariat over time, government must become increasingly repressive. Increasingly such a society necessarily resolves into a dictatorship that exists for its own sake. There has never been an exception to this in all of history.

Second, in order to organize and enforce such a form of government, there must be leaders or rulers; and they must create a bureaucracy that must necessarily administer every aspect of human life. Life has nothing to do with what an individual might like, but only with what the rulers and their technocrats determine. Out of this reality—with the influence of fallen human nature—we see all such societies necessarily develop both a ruling and an administrative class who actually are socially and politically (not to mention inevitably financially) superior. They get the best jobs, preferred treatment, and superior rewards. And this, too, not only further oppresses the average person but also gives the controlling classes greater reason to ensure that the people never are able to overthrow the system. After all, who willingly gives up power and prestige willingly?

Due to both of the truths above, a socialist society must eventually become one in which the individual is crushed in every way. What starts out as an experiment in utopian living eventually resolves into an existence in a societal hell.

There has NEVER—in the entire history of mankind—been a socialist society that succeeded. They have all failed, and not just at the national level. Sub-cultures within various societies have attempted to live according to socialist principles (which all sound really good on paper: after all the idea that you give what you can and take what you need so that no-one is left out seems an absolutely perfect way in which to live), but they inevitably are torn apart internally. The reason is very simple: human nature. Humankind can NEVER create a perfect society. You see, a society is simply the sum of the individuals who live in it; it can never be better than they are. And all human beings are infected with original sin. This is the truth that those who reject God do not want to face. This is the truth that angers them so much. And so they rage onward in their attempts to destroy the opposition to their plans in the belief that those who oppose them are actually enemies of humanity and must be eliminated politically ... or in any way necessary. All of which we see transpiring in America today.

The great news is that one day humanity will live in perfect peace and perfect justice, with nobody overlooked or left out. But it will never come from the efforts of man. God alone will produce such a perfect Kingdom. And He is going to do exactly that. In the meantime, events must play out as He has foretold and we must each do our part to fulfill the Great Commission He has given us. NOTHING is more important than this.
I especially love the last two sentences.

The redemption of lost souls through the shed blood of Christ is the most important thing to focus upon especially these wicked times we are in. There is absolutely no hope outside of Christ.
We must preach the death., burial, and resurrection of our precious Saviour Jesus Christ .

Praise our precious Redeemer.