The Palestinian Authority Paid $1,421,940 to the Jihadis Who Blew Up the Sbarro Pizzeria


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The Palestinian Authority Paid $1,421,940 to the Jihadis Who Blew Up the Sbarro Pizzeria
How much longer will the PA’s “Pay-For-Slay” program be funded?
By Hugh Fitzgerald

A report on how the Sbarro Pizzeria murderers have fared since the day 21 years ago when they murdered fifteen people is here: “The PA Has Already Paid $1,421,940 to the Terrorists Who Blew Up the Sbarro Pizza Shop,” by Maurice Hirsch, Algemeiner, August 11, 2022:

August 9, 2022, marked 21 years since the attack on the Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem. Fifteen people were murdered, including five members of one family, and 130 people were injured.

As a reward for carrying out the attack, the Palestinian Authority (PA) pays a total of $8,937 (27,800 shekels) each month to the five imprisoned terrorists and the families of the three dead terrorists who were involved in the attack.

The current total paid to the terrorists is $1,421,940. The monthly payment to each terrorist will continue to rise the longer the terrorists are i prison.

Every month, the PA pays terrorist Abdallah Barghouti 7,300 shekels ($2,347).

Every month, the PA pays terrorist Jamal Abu Al-Hija 8,300 shekels ($2,668). Having now completed 20 years in prison, this month Abu Al-Hija’s will rise to 8,300 shekels from 7,300 shekels.

Every month, the PA pays terrorist Bilal Barghouti 8,000 shekels ($2,572). Having completed 20 years in prison, in April 2022, the PA raised the monthly salary it pays Barghouti to 8,300 shekels from 7,300 shekels.

Every month the PA pays the family of the terrorist suicide bomber Izz Al-Din Al-Masri 1,400 shekels ($450) per month.

Every month the PA pays the family of the dead terrorist Qeis Adwan 1,400 shekels ($450) per month.

Every month the PA pays the family of the dead terrorist Ayman Halawah 1,400 shekels ($450) per month.

Every month the PA pays a certain amount to the terrorists Muhammad Daghlas and Ahlam Tamimi. While they were arrested and convicted for their part in the attack, these two terrorists were released in 2011, as part of the deal to secure the freedom of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who had been held captive by Hamas.

Let’s not forget that Ahlam Ahmad Al-Tamimi, the mastermind of the bombing of the Sbarro Pizzeria, has since 2011 lived comfortably in Jordan, where she has even became a media personality, with her own show on television. She’s a celebrity, held up as a model to emulate by many Jordanians (60% of whom are Palestinians). She’s even taken her show on the road, appearing before Arab audiences throughout the Middle East.

Because several of those killed at the Sbarro Pizzeria were American citizens, Washington has repeatedly asked Jordan to extradite Tamimi to the U.S. The Jordanians have refused, claiming they have not yet ratified an extradition treaty with the United States. But that is a deliberate misunderstanding by Amman of its moral, if not legal, duty. An extradition treaty requires a state to extradite persons accused of criminal behavior to another state that requests that extradition. However, an extradition treaty is not needed for a state to voluntarily render one of its citizens to another country. Nothing prevents Jordan from turning over Tamimi to the Americans, save for King Abdullah’s fear of how his Palestinians subjects would react.

The Bidenites should stop indulging the Jordanians and make clear that the approximately $1.5 billion in annual American aid to Jordan – the third largest recipient of American aid — will be put on hold unless, and until, Ahlam Tamimi is extradited to the U.S.

And as for the colossal sums – hundreds of millions of dollars being spent by the PA annually on its “Pay-For-Slay” program – consider the figures above. Those sums, broken down by individual recipients, add up to the nearly $1.5 million so far paid to the imprisoned terrorists responsible for the attack on the Sbarro Pizzeria, and to the families of those terrorists who died during the attack on the Sbarro Pizzeria. They constitute a violation of both the letter and the spirit of the Taylor Force Act, which was meant to cut off all aid to the PA as long as it continues with “Pay-For-Slay.” But “Pay-For-Slay” continues – and Mahmoud Abbas has dramatically insisted that he will provide for that program even with his “last penny” – the Bidenites have lavished about $350 million on the PA for this year, and provided a similar sum to UNRWA. How do they explain their violation of Taylor Force Act? They imply that the money is for “humanitarian purposes,” which supposedly makes it exempt from the Taylor Force prohibition. But there is no such exception spelled out by Taylor Force. It’s possible that the U.S. State Department thinks it is adhering to the letter of the law by using monies outside of the Economic Support Fund to pay the Palestinians. Bur since money is fungible, it is certain that the Biden administration is not adhering to the spirit of the law.

Biden, Blinken, and Sullivan have acted as if they are confident that they will not be challenged in Congress over their riding roughshod over Taylor Force, and so far, they have gotten away with it. But Biden’s plummeting approval ratings, and the likelihood of a Republican victory this November, may force the Bidenites, at last, to cease violating the Taylor Force Act. It’s about time.