The Only Dude in Chick Prison


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The Only Dude in Chick Prison
Where are the women in men’s prisons?
By Derek Hunter

That title might read like a porno movie from the 1970s, but that’s only because that is exactly what I was going for. In addition to the absurdity of the concept, it’s also a reality for any man smart enough to recognize the opportunity presented by the insanity Democrats are currently pushing on the public and interested in the benefits of being the only rooster in the hen house.

One such man is Demitrius Minor, the 27-year-old who went by “Demi” to be transferred into a women’s prison in New Jersey. Because you shouldn’t let going to prison interfere with your sex life.

Minor is serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter, but according to is eligible for parole in 2037. His two kids will be 15 then, because Demitrius impregnated two of his fellow inmates in the all-women’s prison where he was serving his sentence.

If you’re not currently recovering from a severe closed-head injury, you might be asking yourself how it is that a man who’d killed someone ended up in a women’s prison. You wouldn’t be alone in wondering that. The answer, however, is rather simple: Democrats.

The party that created the conjugal visit – because why should people spending the rest of their lives in prison not be able to have sex with whomever they choose – has their new idea: men in women’s prisons. Because why not?

Even Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming.

In addition to Democrats, the ACLU also deserves credit. Maybe they should be made God-parents or something. The dual pregnancies “cast a spotlight on New Jersey’s transgender prisoner policy established following a settlement agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Jersey in June 2021. The policy stipulated that the DOC house transgender prisoners according to their gender identity. The settlement agreement mandated that the policy remains in place for at least a year. The year ended last month.”

They are, naturally, looking to extend it.

No amount of proof, nothing, is going to change the leftist’s actions on the idea that a man is a woman simply because they say they are.

I used the word “actions” and not “belief” because I don’t believe for a second that these elected officials or pundits buy into this garbage. Not. For. A. Second.

But if you’re going to prison, makes sure to announce that you’re now a woman. Why not? You need to prove it to no one and questioning it is just this side of a hate crime. You win.

No one wants to go to prison, but if you have to go you definitely want to be a man in a women’s prison.

With that in mind, and along the lines of a question I posed during the transgender sports debate, I have to ask a basic question: Where are the women in men’s prisons?

There aren’t any women, or “trans-men,” burning up the sports world. If biology doesn’t matter, you’d think there would be at least a couple, wouldn’t you? So, maybe biology does matter.

It sure seems to matter when it comes to women going to prison. A woman has to declare themselves to be a man and insist on being housed in a men’s prison for it to happen. Same for men masquerading as women. But with women, there don’t seem to be any insisting on being held in men’s prisons.

I don’t blame them, it would be absolute hell for them. But if a state is going to allow men to impregnate women because he claims to be one, shouldn’t the state force the issue on everyone? I mean, if Democrats are being consistent and honest in their beliefs on gender, shouldn’t they insist that “trans-men” be moved to men’s prisons too? Not an option up to the inmate, but a requirement. After all, if a “trans-woman” is a woman, and a “trans-man” is a man, they should be put in the correct institution, right?

They’ll never do that, they’ll insist on it being a choice of the inmate. Why should the inmate a get a choice? And why would anyone allow it to happen?

The answer is simple: They don’t believe anything they say. They’re playing a game that allows them to pretend to be tolerant and accepting while refusing to tolerate or accept anyone who won’t pretend reality is something it isn’t.

That means there will be more baby-daddies coming out of cell block W, and likely no babies from the men’s prison. So if you ever find yourself in the horrible position of going to prison, tell the court you identify as a woman and pack your condoms. If Democrats are going to forced others to live a lie, at least you can try to have some fun with it.


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Pretty stupid that the government allows this. They should be placed in separate facilities.
Yes but because men can claim they are transitioning the authorities in order not to get on the wrong side of the woke allow them to be placed in women’s prison when they clearly are men and haven’t even started transitioning. Basically, it gives them the opportunity to be sheiks with a captive harem. Absolute craziness.


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When my dad was a prison guard the prisoners actually had to work, not lounge around learning how to find ways to get transferred to women's prisons, be better criminals, and watching TV all day. Every morning by 7 a.m. the prisoners were loaded up into trucks and taken to different places in the area to mostly do road work. They worked five days a week outside in the summer heat and winter cold. My dad and his co-workers also baked in the sun and froze in the cold along with the prisoners by guarding them. Thankfully, there were only a couple of instances where prisoners tried to escape. At that time in the late 1960s, guards were allowed to verbally warn the prisoner trying to flee that if he didn't stop, he'd be shot ~ if the prisoner didn't comply, he could be shot in the leg to force compliance. Nobody was ever shot where my dad worked, btw. It also helped that where my dad worked was a minimum security prison where the inmates had 2 years or less to serve on their sentences. Funny story ~ one of the neighbors across the road from the prison had a son who was in and out of jail for things like burglary and he eventually ended up at this prison. He escaped once, fortunately, the guards only had to cross the road to find him at his parents' house. :doh He wasn't the brightest bulb in the box because that stroll across the road got more time added to his sentence.
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Total depravity and sickness being bought into by the woke crowd.

The title of this thread reminds me of a funny line I heard years ago on a TV Sitcom. Someone told a male character “You could not get a woman to like you even if you were the only man in a women's prison, carrying a handful of free pardons”.

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
A woman in a men's prison could make a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
She'd have to make a deal with the devil (leader of the strongest gang there), though.