The Next Level for the Gnostic Cult of Pentecostalism/Charismania/NAR etc.

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This excellent article by the ever-discerning and perceptive Andrew Wade details the terrifying and unbiblical mindset of the modern day Montanists/Parhamites.
Spirituality is never stagnant. One either progresses in one's knowledge of the truth or descends to greater levels of error and deception (ie. the "deep things of Satan").
Montanism spread throughout the Roman Empire, swallowed up one major early church father (Tertullian) and no doubt other lesser known leaders and lasted in certain areas for four centuries. (Constantine suppressed it in Rome and major cities). Once converted, Tertullian wrote passionately against those who rejected the movement as heretical, like many today (egs. Dr Michael Brown, Bill Johnson).
Brief outbursts of Montanism erupted in places such as France, England and the USA in later centuries in churches or groups which were either cults or became cultic. Reputable ministers denounced the 1906 Azusa Street (Montanist) revival, one labelling it "the last vomit of Satan". Even Charles Parham, William Seymour's mentor and the "father" of the movement, denounced it as satanic. Near the end of his life, Seymour himself rejected the 'tongues' he had once promoted, saying they led to witchcraft and immorality. (See the book by Nader Mikhaiel on the Toronto Blessing, which had much in common with the happenings at Azusa St)
113 years later we have this global movement of between 600-800 million people who are following deluded, self-appointed prophets and apostles who claim to have endless mystical encounters with Christ and angels and - in some cases- daily trips to heaven. They state from pulpits or tv screens that God told them something and multitudes of otherwise intelligent and often well-educated people believe them. I know as I was once one of them. I studied at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, the Bethel of its day, listening to a man who said things such as Christ walked into his hospital room on one occasion, pulled up a chair and chatted to him. I can only look back and believe that I was "bewitched", like the Galatians and Collosians, because if you had told me when I was 12 that in 13 years time I'd be studying at a college run by such a man, I'd have laughed at you. Yet millions follow his occultic word of faith doctrines and influential leaders of the NAR honor and promote him to this day.
This excellent article shows where this satanic counterfeit of the Christian church is at right now. It respresents the fastest growing sector of so-called Christianity and has infected all areas of Protestant or non-Catholic christianity. The current universalist, Jesuit - trained Pope is at the forefront and in bed with many of its leaders (Copeland, Warren, Osteen, Valotten, Bickle etc). I have mostly failed to bring (former and current) friends out of this delusion. Pray for any you know who are entangled in it. It is leading them to Hell. Only Christ can open their eyes and rescue them.
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Thanks for a great analysis, Mike!

Yup, John Burton, who Anthony Wade refers to in his article, is most definitely a NARite, they really are a bunch of parrots when it comes to the NAR lingo bingo...

Phrases I spotted:

"your fulfilled destiny"

"dangerously prophetic"

"burning ones"

"Kingdom assignment"

"apostolic leader"

"apostles and prophets must step into their positions of authority..."

In all seriousness, if anyone's sermons or books start using these kind of phrases, then... :runforhills because they genuinely all sing from the same song sheet....