The New Politics?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes Coffee Shop' started by Carl, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Has politics changed? I became a registered and supporting elephant back during the McCain Obama show. After the games played by the parties for that election I gave up. I stopped contributing and have been weened from any love of elephants.

    Took awhile, but I stopped opening mail, and emails because My opinion was not nearly as important as encouraging me to contributing $3000, $1000, $500, $100. Announcements of we are behind only means that the party has not been able to collect enough money to make them happy.

    Why don't they understand that the economic climate has changed? Since congress has generated, and the president signed all sorts of regulations that affect wages, and ss most people just don't have the money to spare, or like me are bitter at what has been done to politics and our country.

    Thankfully in the end it is God that allows!
  2. I have never given a penny to any politician, and very likely never will.

    What has happened is unrestrained liberalism.

    Which means if you go against what they say, you will be labeled racist, or some other choice term.

    Best thing to do is stay out of it, and let the dead bury the dead.

    Just some thoughts..

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