The New America


We do have someone who is concerned with the transition that would have taken place very quickly had Hillary been elected.
All that is written by this author in this article is food for thought on The New America and its implications.

More importantly, if our own presidents are willing to give the United States of America over to a one world government system, then who is looking out for America's best interests now? That is, on the world stage, who has America's best interests at heart? Certainly not someone who supports a plan to eliminate the USA's independent nation status. Am I right? My point – and this is an awful realization to me – is that no one is looking out for America's best interests anymore. Our own presidents and leaders in Congress have already given their blessings to turn our nation over to an undetermined, unelected world government organization. That only leaves We, the People and God to look out for America's best interest. That said, we may have troubled times ahead, but when God is with us, who can be against us? That is, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. We can do this.

Agenda 21 is being implemented across America, and many Americans have never heard of it. There is a list of mayors who have signed on to support it on the ICLEI website. It is actually a list of Progressive politicians, and the list includes mayors of nearly every major American city. (See diagram, above.) What this means, interestingly, is that when polled, while Progressives make up less than 20% of the political landscape in America, they've made a particularly impressive nationalized effort to put themselves into leadership in so many of America's largest cities! Bravo to the Progressives, but aren't you curious how they managed that?
People voted for them. They always vote for them. They promise a lot of wonderful things, and then once they're in office, they implement the agenda, using our own system against us.


Also from the article, which was written Feb 19, 2013:

The article was written at the start of Obama's second term and a Trump as President was still a gleam in peoples eyes. Read the article with this in mind.

Trump upset the apple cart and the article asks the questions of how elections get certain people elected.

We have been commenting how incredibly amazing it was that Trump got elected considering all of the behind the scenes opposition against him. The fact that he got elected, you could use as proof that God exists.

The same forces that were against Trump in 2016, and perhaps more, will be at work to try to ensure that he doesn't get reelected in 2020. My opinion is that they are spiritual forces.
Many years ago, around 2000, I ran across an article in an on-line commentary site called Exegesis which referenced an earlier article written in 1997 which stated that George Bush had been selected to be the next president, and the reasons and machinations behind it. I've often since wished I'd copied it. The site's managers said the site was going down shortly after this article was published. I've thought of this article every election since, and in light of what it said, Trump truly did upset the apple cart.


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A One World type of Government has been mankind's desire since the tower.

Too many Presidents and financial leaders have explicitly stated the goal of a One World Government to casually dismiss the idea that that is what they are pushing for.

The whole premise of the UN is for one governmental body, the UN, to have overarching control of it's member states. Thankfully they never gave the UN any teeth, a military arm.

Frankly the concept of a One World Government is so pervasive in society that my feeling is that we don't have to prove that it's true, they have to prove that it's not.


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Read this, Work for peanuts, my mouth dropped when I read this, who else said something very similar to this, AOC, and look at what is happening in Ukraine while this action is going on in NYC.
Thanks. I read it. Given who's running NYC at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised if the pension "investments" end up in the hands of Democrat cronies, who will, oops, lose it, making themselves richer, and the elderly city workers they should be paying for stuck in the poorhouse.