The Miracle Stone

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    Rev. J. Zelle, from Leeuwarden, in the Netherlands (1907-1983) was a renowned preacher.

    He liked to preach and lots of churches liked to hear him. Five services on a Sunday were no exception. He drew full churches. This was partly due to the content of his sermons. Rev. Zelle was an ''old-fashioned '' Reformed minister, to whom the Reformed churchgoers who had little interest in the novelties emerging in their denomination liked to listen. They walked or drove a little further to hear someone like Rev. Zelle.

    The miracle stone

    Another way in which Rev. Zelle drew full churches was to make use of special actions or objects.
    Legendary was his use of a stone. This was solemly carried into the church by him in various congregations and placed on the pulpit for all to see.
    “By this stone” said Rev. Zelle solemly before he started his sermon, “a miracle will happen.”
    Then he began to preach without paying any attention to the stone.

    The congregation was anxiously waiting to see wat would happen to the stone, but nothing happened
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    Only just before he left the pulpit did he gaze on the stone again. "Have you noticed the miracle?" he asked. And after a short silence: "I did: none of you have slept this service!"
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