The Media Wants Ben Carson On its Ideological Plantation


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The media wants Ben Carson on its ideological plantation

By Kevin Price

The inevitable has finally happened, Ben Carson has announced he is, in fact a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. This is no surprise, he has been flirting with the idea for at least a couple of years, and has been raising money for a run for months.

Carson is an extraordinary person. The famed neurosurgeon is also a best-selling author and has long been a conservative favorite. On paper, he appears to be the ideal candidate for high office. However, he is not presidential timber for both obvious and less than obvious reasons.

Besides the fact we have not elected anyone without political experience to the highest office in the land since the 1950s, there is a more sinister reason Carson cannot get elected. It is good old fashion racism. I know, that sounds crazy. In the 21st Century as we watch the second term of our first black president come to a close, another black president should not be an issue. However, a black conservative is a very big issue, even today.

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The media was at one of their lowest points when they went after Herman Cain. That man deserved nothing that they threw at him. I never believed the lies, I just remember feeling sad that a decent man had been ruined in front of the whole world. I was supporting him, I was waiting to learn more about him, but they got rid of him early on, so we'll never know what might have been.

Now with Ben Carson, another decent man... he's got to know what's ahead for him, but he decided to go for it anyway. I hope he's strong, I hope he makes it. :pray


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I hope so too. I cannot believe the lack of shame, the lack of honor that the press had when slandering Herman Cain like they did. I really hope(and pray) that God protects Dr.Carson, because evil is afoot in this country..