The Mar-a-Lago Raid is a Preview of a Rigged 2024 Election


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This is for sure no other President had their house raided. Something needs to be done with the FBI and many other corrupt people. They need to be held accountable for their actions.
They will be held accountable ~ if not here on Earth, it WILL be at the Great White Throne before God. It will not end well for them. IMHO the only way the dems lose 2024 is if God intervenes, and I personally feel that's not going to happen. We've turned a corner that cannot be turned back. Again, this is all JMHO.


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They will be held accountable ~ if not here on Earth, it WILL be at the Great White Throne before God. It will not end well for them. IMHO the only way the dems lose 2024 is if God intervenes, and I personally feel that's not going to happen. We've turned a corner that cannot be turned back. Again, this is all JMHO.
The Great White Throne will be not only very sad..but also quite satisfying to see..(and yes..we will be observing) this particular instance..that judgement is just not soon enough for me...they are persecuting the best President we ever had.. including Reagan..and they killed the best Democratic President (Kennedy) we ever had..not to mention Lincoln..they started the civil war..insisted on slavery..created the KKK..the Jim crow laws and orchestrated the riots of the past couple of years..I believe they also had a hand in the creation of the COVID virus..on top of that they stole the presidency in our faces and are still daring us to do something about it..they orchestrated January sixth and are on the way to stealing the November elections....they have done so much if I listed it all I will have written a book, this group of people have always been around, since the days of the revolution and never wanted a republic, they were traitors from the beginning..they were called Tories back in our revolution days..and for everything they've done they blame either the Republicans or patsy's like Lee Harvey Oswald..they get away with everything..this is one time I'm praying that God makes all their plans backfire and for once let us see real justice happen in our corrupt government..


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Greenfield is right again.

This reeks.

It's no longer a rigged election that they still deny.

Now they've come right out in broad daylight to torture their political opponents. JUST like Putin does!
Yep! The panic has set in. Watch and see what happens in November, if we are still here! They are in a panic, knowing that most people know what they have planned! Lord, defend Your people from the wicked that seek power and control without a care in the world as to how they get it. They will lie, cheat, murder and steal to keep their positions of power with NO regard to You or Your people.


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It appears to me now days after the raid that the FBI‘s reputation is so damaged it cannot be restored. I mean never can it restore itself to it’s prior image, and trust in the agency is gone. Everything it does from now on will be suspect. Too much has happened in the last ten years and from all I read the raid was the final nail. What a shame when the country needs its enforcement agencies.


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Some of us were saying in the immediate aftermath of the Biden coup that if it was allowed to stand the same thing would be done in every election from then on, until there is no longer a reason to even have even fake elections. This prediction is likely to come true, given that so little has been done to stop election fraud, and given how high the stakes are for those who committed the fraud if loyal Americans ever do retake control of the government.

Even if there is a Republican victory it's likely that it will be more of a pink wave than a red wave, given the history Republicans have for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and given the extreme cowardice most of them showed in the aftermath of the coup. I hope I'm wrong about this, but I don't think I am. Remember that in the first two years of Trump's presidency both houses of Congress were under the nominal control of Republicans, and that congress (at least the House), was no friend of Trump and no friend of America.

And remember that this same congress voted to certify the election that any thinking person knew at the time was a big fraud. And even now with more proof of fraud having been made known so that there is no excuse for allowing the coup to stand, few Republicans even dare to say anything about the fraud, let along do anything to decertify the election.

This enemy has attacked Trump from the beginning, viciously and ruthlessly, using every weapon of political and psychological warfare it has. And they do it for one reason only: his loyalty to America. They attack America through him. And they will do to any patriot what they do to him, anytime it suits their purpose. Just as they used their power to attack General Flynn and Roger Stone and other patriots, and just as the liberal press wages hate campaigns against any patriot who rises to a prominent position, so they will do to any of us. This is a threat that hangs over the head of all patriots.

The recent assault on him could very well be a prelude to the next stolen election. A common strategy of psychological warfare is to threaten your enemy into being afraid to fight back. This is why the January 6 patriots were thrown into a dungeon and left there. And the Gestapo running rampant and getting away with it adds to that threat.

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If they think they can get away with that 2020 rigged election stuff in 2024, they better have some real good fences and perimeter protection for the White house.

I'd wager that the NEXT group of "Jan 6'ers" will make a much "bigger impression" than the first one.

I personally suspect they'll get away with it. There doesn't appear to be an organized resistance of any merit at the moment.


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Can't see trump getting back in no way.
I don’t think he will get re-elected. If they don’t arrest and charge him with anything they will assassinate him. I put nothing past these evil clowns. One thing is for sure: they are not EVER going to give up power. And if we the people don’t like it, well tough darts.