The Lonely Road to the Blessed Hope

I doubt it. I was raised Catholic and End Times were never mentioned in church, or by anyone. And now my uncle (mom's brother) has berated and preached at them so much they never will discuss anything they call "religious." They do agree with me on how bad the times are getting, and I'll say we won't be here for the worst times in the Tribulation and they just look at me.
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Did they not even hear the readings from 1 Thessalonians or the Olivet Discourse during the end of the church year or Advent?

I was raised Catholic too. But the Lord showed me, first with proddings--and later mega convictions after research--how what was in those readings matched the birth pangs happening in the world.

I work in a place with lots of Catholics. We discuss the upcoming Sunday's readings for most weeks. I'm looking forward to to the end of the year where I can talk about biblical eschatology because those readings are coming up. And things are really getting real now.
I came out of the RCC. What I learned about the deception of Catholicism is that they are trained and indoctrinated to reject all of the absolute warning signs of the Bible. You can say to a Catholic , there is one mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus. They can't see it! Their indoctrination requires them to always interject the man made corruption of popes and the magisterium into what the Bible says. If you tell them the truth of the rapture they are so unprepared to sort it out It's painful. I have tried so many times to point out the simplicity of trusting scripture but a cradle Catholic is bilind and deaf to the facts that scripture clearly points out. If you ask them if they are saved they can't say yes. Even though scripture says emphatically "so that you may know"! They gave over their sovereignty to stinky old men in funny hats instead of God's Word.

It's like they can't read the road signs anymore. Stop means go.

Hi Jeff,
I came out of the RCC too, and work in a place with lots of Catholics. I think it's because 1) they are not trained to study Scripture--and the whole counsel of God--for themselves and they just don't know it or never heard exegesis of it in church, 2) the Catholic church is still stuck in soft supersessionism and they do not recognize the significance of the modern state of Israel (Medinat Yisrael). This is because they adhere to "tradition" which does not allow for the unsealing of God's prophetic word at the end of time. So when Israel was reborn their theology stayed behind.

That said when I teach them Scripture during Bible studies at work, people at work usually eagerly drink it up like a dying plant.

If I remember right, Catholics cannot say yes directly to that question of being saved because they want to avoid the sin of presumption. When I was born again after God pointed out fulfillment of end times prophecy and eschatological truth to me, it took me a whole year after calling out to God to find my faith. I must have asked for salvation a hundred times and tried to find the right balance of works vs. faith, the Lord vs. me, etc. before I just started living for Him in faith accepting His gift.

There was a later time where I felt like I lost my assurance of salvation, but I still really knew that Jesus was still coming for His Bride soon, and that we still were in the end times. It was quite a terrible feeling knowing that Jesus was at the door and coming back for His Bride, but that I could or did no longer know for a fact that I was a part of her. The subsequent fear of being left behind to face the enemy alone was profoundly terrifying.

So I think one needs to understand that it is very psychologically difficult for many to receive the eschatological truth of Scripture, while still struggling with elements of those Catholic beliefs, and even more difficult to come out of Catholicism into the Blessed Assurance too. Add to that cultural, church, and family pressure to stay in the Catholic faith. It can become an existential and sociocultural crisis. I had to leave slowly.