The Left is Losing What’s Left of its Collective Mind


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The Left is Losing What’s Left of its Collective Mind
When you’re not bound by reality, there are no limits.
By Derek Hunter

When speaking about liberals and their groupthink, never pluralize the word “mind.” There is only one mind and they all use it. You don’t see worker ants or bees thinking independently for themselves, no matter how many animated movies tell you otherwise. Democrats are the same way – a thought had by one is had by all and vice-versa. Unfortunately for the world, that collective mind is slipping away faster than we thought.

The President of the United States is senile. Watch video of him from just a few years ago and you’ll see someone with energy and awareness. You won’t see a smart man telling the truth – while Biden is going senile now, he’s been stupid his whole life – and you won’t see a man who tells the truth, as he’s been a fabulist since birth too. But now he’s senile on top of it. He’s also a pervert. Credibly accused of sexual assault (rape, really) by former Senate staffer Tara Reade, Biden has a long history of groping, touching, kissing and even smelling women and little girls. There is video after video of this creep pulling women in for a kiss or a whiff against their will, most have confused looks on their faces, not having seen a man act this way outside of an episode of Mad Men. But there he is, inappropriately touching them in full view of everyone and cameras. And there were no consequences.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. He did apologize, sort of. He called the unwanted touching “gestures of support and encouragement” while claiming to have done it to men too, though there isn’t any video of him sniffing, groping or kissing men anywhere.

Either way, the issue (as much as it was an issue since most of the media ignored it and those that didn’t dropped it immediately after Biden released his “apology”) went away. Well, creepy, sniffy, grabby Joe is back, this time with a young girl (probably 13 or so), telling this stranger “No serious guys until you’re 30.” Gross, but also crickets from the media.

Meanwhile, in the UK you’ve got the brainwashed environmentalists trying to destroy works of art while gluing themselves to wall in protest. There’s an idiotic group called “Stop Oil” in the UK actively sending out young dumb people to deface art, glue themselves to walls, buildings and streets to “save the planet.”

I have a solution to this problem, I think. England has a problem with soccer hooligans – usually drunk jerks who get violent over soccer games. Immunize them from prosecution and deputize them as security all across the UK. Let them patrol museums, crosswalks and sidewalks, anywhere these idiots seek attention for their cause. Pay them in beer and tickets to whatever team’s games they love and let them loose on the city. See how long these protests last after a few rounds of their bodies being treated like a soccer ball in a corner kick with the game on the line. I’d bet it won’t be long.

If you want this left-wing lunacy, or more UK boobs dumping out milk, to remain in the UK I can promise you it won’t. Stupidity spreads like a cold on a plane. Progressive mutants are vandalizing car dealerships, cars, boats, anything you can imagine, and no one in power on the left is condemning them. On the right, the criticism is muted, at best.

It’s already here, but it will get a lot worse, unless it is stopped now.

But there’s no appetite to stop it now from the left. Democrats don’t even give a damn about the violent attacks on Democrat voters caught on security cameras on the streets of Democrat strongholds, why would they care about anyone else?

The individual is disposable to the left, both in terms of rights and existence. The average Democrat voter doesn’t know this – most still labor under the delusion that Democrats are “for the little guy” or about unions, and their voting habits reflect a muscle reflex more than knowledge – but it doesn’t matter. A vote cast from a place of blind ignorance counts just as much as one based on an understanding of the Constitution.

As long as Democrats have monopolistic control over the education system, they’ll be able to churn out obedient drones at an alarming pace. Haven’t you ever wondered by the people who while about the “school to prison pipeline” only talk about shutting down the prison part, but never talk about reforming the school part? If some school systems are doing such a horrible job that they’re feeding kids directly to the prison system, shouldn’t you stop that, rather than just letting violent people out of prison?

The left would have to care about individuals, victims of crime, to act to prevent them. They don’t. Will all of them out there, not a one has tried to do anything about it. Sure, they lie about caring in campaign speeches, but what have they done? Nothing.

The collective mind is a powerful thing. Just a couple of years ago, no Democrat was confused about what a woman was. Now, as if by magic, there isn’t a single Democrat with the testicular fortitude to stand up and say what was known for all of human history until 20 minutes ago. Did they all come to some fresh, new realization? Did Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, after more than 80 years of life, wake up in a cold sweat and somehow realize they and everyone they’ve ever known was wrong about gender?

Weird how this wasn’t an issue that long ago. Bill Clinton wasn’t accidentally hooking up with male interns too. He knew what a woman was. So did Hillary, they were the people Bill cheated on her with. No Democrat was confused, now they’ve all flipped. Not a single one is left to say something as basic as, “Wait a minute, we’re going a little too far here.” The power of the collective mind.

What’s next? What isn’t? When you aren’t bound by reality or held accountable by anyone, there are no limits. You can request to send a guy to jail for 6 months for contempt of Congress while whining about having too many people in prisons simply because he’s on the other team. You can warn donors of nuclear Armageddon before heading to your vacation home for the weekend, because being where you’d need to be if you weren’t lying isn’t that fun.

There are no limits when there is no one to question you, no one to hold you accountable.

Except there is. There is one chance, November 8th. Blow that and leftists won’t be gluing themselves to things here, they’ll be gluing anyone who won’t conform.