The Late Great Planet Earth: The Terrestrial/Atmospheric/Cosmic Implications of Divine Judgment

Rocky R.

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Will the mega-rich be able to avoid Trumpet judgments 5 and 6 hiding out in their DUMB shelters? I imagine Zuckerberg 100 feet below ground, taking a shower thinking it's safe, but the sound of the pouring water obscures the sound of a scorpion-locust crashing through one of his vents; after ten seconds the water coming out of his shower becomes blood, the demon-locust squeezes its way into Zuck's shower stall and stings him when he bends down to pick up the soap. Soros, not far away, screams in pain as the same thing happens to him. Xiden gets stung but forgets to get hurt.


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Take it or leave it, the US IS in the Bible, in Daniel, as the king of the South. I'm not gonna get into a sword fight over it. Tim Lehaye depicts it in the Left Behind series as kind of an Interstate 95 war (I-95 War). The antichrist would be king of the North (as the head of the UN in NYC) and the President as king of the South (ensconced in Washington DC, to the south of NYC, along I-95). This is a North-South Paridigm.

Many modern Commentators resist this version because they wish to have Russia invading Israel. That way they can permanently comment on ongoing public events (like the journals of the various SDA sects.) Public Events never end, which gives a permanent ministry, like Stacklebach, et al..

In this version the King of the South (US President) eventually loses to the King of the North (antichrist). The KOTS is mentioned as having 'sons'. My guess is that a Liberal Prseident will hand in the American weapons, subs, nukes, brownings, tomahawks in some kind of Global One Love Movement, supposedly the solution to all that ails the world at the time would be solved by everyone being disarmed, except for the antichrist, of course.

As soon as we lose our nukes we are then helpless and are a footnote in history. So many in our country want that though, the pagans among us do.
That's just nonsense. I'll leave it.

America is not in the South. And it is certainly not in the South of the Middle East.

I'd prefer that not be promoted on the forums please.


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I don't recall that in Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series. Which book was it in? I have his Left Behind, and several other books he wrote on Bible prophecy.

I have Tim La Hayes book Charting the End Times in front of me and he clearly states on pages 92-93 that the Gog Magog war is Russia and the other people groups invading Israel from the north -- which is north of Jerusalem.

If you are talking the wars of the Antichrist-- again, Tim La Haye explains these on page 63 and at no point do they occur anywhere but in relation to Jerusalem.

I have no idea what the SDA (I presume you mean Seventh Day Adventists-- their eschatology is wacky and complete nonsense) has to do with this.

The Bible is not about America.

It is about God's plan of redemption, and it's centred around Israel and Jerusalem. It was thru the Jews that the Messiah would come.

The Redeemer, Christ our Saviour came to Bethlehem of Judea (now called the West Bank by the Jordanians who stole that land in 1948) to be born of a virgin, minister to the Jews first then die just outside Jerusalem Israel, resurrect after the 3rd day in order to save all who believe in Him, Jew and Gentile alike. He ascended into heaven from the mount of olives, just opposite from the Temple Mount.

Ezekiel 38 and 39 are about Israel, not America.

Ezek 38:8 specifically states it is the mountains of ISRAEL that Gog and his armies come against out of the north.

8 After many days you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety.
Excellent exposition of what the Bible actually teaches about the subject. Any other teaching makes the Bible nonsense because it severs the events of the end times from the entire thrust and purpose of God's actions in history.