The last snowman

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    Exerpt from my diary, yesterday.

    08.00 am: I made a snowman

    08.10 am: the first feminist on her way to work complains about why the snowman is not a snowwoman

    08.15 am: I made a snowwoman too

    08.17 am: the kindergarten teacher complains about the breasts of the snowwoman

    08.20 am: my gay neighbour from across the street harrasses me, because there really should be two snowmen

    08:25 am: my vegan neighbor shouts over the street that the carrot nose is a waste of good food

    08.30 am: I am called a racist, because the snow is white

    08.35 am: Fatima from the corner demands a scarf for the snowwoman

    08.40 am : the police arrive and watch the scene

    08.45 am: a special police unit appears, because the broomstick can serve as a weapon

    08.50 am: ISIS confesses to have thrown snowballs at the snowman/woman

    08.55 am: my mobile phone is confiscated and read, while I am blindfolded and on my way in a helicopter to the Attorney General

    09.00 am: I am questioned about possible accomplices.

    03:00 pm: they let me go, because the evidence has melted...

    Making a snowman in 2018.
    Never again!
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