The Last Reformation


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Prayer Requests & Praise Report: The Last Reformation

I created a link to a prayer post above so that may give you an idea what kind of cult I may have had gotten myself into. It's God's grace to teach me about these cult so I can warn another to avoid getting themselves into this type of cult. To be honest I am not an expert at busting a true cult but this one is very sticky that they point to Jesus but I don't see a very friendly face in their leader toward me but only few members in their cults are very confused about what they are learning there and still smiling until then (pray for them to come to Jesus). For now, to any Admin, if this post should not be of this forum then remove it - I will be adding several discussion on my research to keep exposing them.

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Here is the link to GIF that I took photo after the second class related to God's timeline table


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Please email Jim Johnson for his free book on "The Last Reformation's False Teachings Exposed" which this book is very short but on the point. Here is the paste of his statement that I copied from his facebook group:
"ABSOLUTELY FREE! Get a pdf copy of my book about TLR absolutely free. I'm not interested in making any money. I'm interested in helping people see the truth about the false teachings of Torben's TLR. Feel free to give it away to others.

email me at: " jimjohnson (at) " and I'll send it to you.
I have attempted to contact you (Torben) many times, I have sent you my book to review and I have asked for your comments. Until now, you have not responded. TORBEN, if you are reading this, I mean you no harm. I simply see huge problems in your teachings that can bring tremendous harm to people. I would love to hear your comments on the things I have identified in your teachings as False. Feel free to contact me, especially if you think I have misrepresented anything you have taught."

FYI I tried adding a photo of his book cover but nonetheless the title of his book is above anyway. God bless!

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