The Last Days Apostasy of the Church --- Dr. Andy Woods


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New apostolic reformation, which goes back decades and even before if you research Jane leade and other mystics - people started to mention restoration of five fold ministry in books at beginning of the 20th century, then the latter rain movement influenced by William branham in the forties, with its emphasis on impartation) ...then into the 90s via the Kansas city prophets, Rick Joyner, then Peter Wagner who coined the phrase new apostolic reformation and reckoned a "second apostolic era" started in the early 2000s ...

....then we currently have a whole heap of organisations who subscribe to "new apostles".... bill Johnson bethel church Redding (who reckons Jesus did his miracles as a man, not as God) Heidi baker, Che ahns church in Pasadena, the Banovs, bill Hamon, part of the original latter rain ...they basically believe they are new apostles who perform signs and wonders to "bring in the kingdom" and only then can Jesus return ...yep, the research trail is very complex, they all endorse each others teachings, speak at the same conferences, and you'll find they talk a lot about "encounters", "awakening", "destiny", it's all ear tickling stuff, and many people may attend an NAR church without actually realising it! Is fascinating also to compare NAR with the new age agenda, but that's another story entirely!!


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...I was once completely mired in "manifest sons of God" teaching, which at the extreme end of the scale twists Romans 8, teaching some are to receive immortal bodies "now" and be translated to work miracles I very much come from the viewpoint of I know what it's like to be deceived, hence all the in depth research!! Once I'd heard about NAR, I then couldn't believe how deep the rabbit warren actually went!



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I would like to hear Andy Woods thoughts and comments about what Andy Stanley is saying...I've read more about other things Stanley has said and lookout, he is definitely promoting false teaching.
Andy Woods addressed a controversy about the virgin birth in Pastors Point of View Episode 71 (filmed right around this past Christmas). A very excellent response in part to something Andy Stanley said in part one of a three part sermon. To be fair, I understand he did affirm the virgin birth in part three, but I didn't go out and look for that one. A little off topic in that it was a different Stanley controversy, but well worth listening to. Andy Stanley is a bit of a sore point with me for several reasons, so was glad to see sound biblical understanding refute him. I won't post the link as last I knew Chris asked for us to refrain from directly posting videos, but it should be easily searchable and worth the hour or so to watch.


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It is extremely difficult to find solid churches now with actual beliefs they post on their website. I was talking with one pastor of a new church plant where I live, and he said that the Bible is such a complex piece of literature that you had to attend seminary in order to learn how to study and uncover the layers of the text and read them with a different lens according to the culture in which it was written. I asked if he believed that Israel was the apple of God's eye and he said no, he actually sided with the Palestinian Christians and how we are in the Millennial Kingdom now (things will keep getting better and better until Jesus decides to come back). I asked if he believed in the rapture, and he just looked at me like I was crazy. I never went back to that church (it is an offshoot of Evangelical Covenant Church). I listen to Jan Markell online now.
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