The Joplin, MO tornado of 5/22/2011


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I have been thinking about this tornado quite a bit, as I do off and on because Joplin is so near and dear to my heart.

I have heard in the past that the tornado was a warning because of the pre-1967 Palestine talks that Obama was having the day before this disastrous tornado hit. I just couldn't understand why Joplin? Why wouldn't God hit the White House or Obama's hometown or something that would injure Obama and not the people of Joplin.

Last night it hit me that God was warning us, the people of the United States, not Obama. God wasn't out to hurt the residents of Joplin, but what I believe now is the tornado was a warning.

Joplin is in the heartland of America, the city of Joplin was divided in two, the north side of Joplin was completely separated from the south side of Joplin, all the way through town, 100% of the city was divided by the destruction of this tornado. But what really hit me and made me think that this really was a warning to the people of the United States was this. I was thinking about the home I grew up in, on Virginia Ave, I was thinking about how the tornado was just huge when it got to this area of Joplin and it hit the state streets so hard. That's when I repeated, "It hit the states streets so hard". In the southeast part of Joplin there is a portion of town where each of the streets is named after a state. I lived on Virginia, my aunt lived on Indiana, a cousin lived on Kentucky. Every single one of the state streets had destruction of some level. Every single state street had some level of destruction...hmmm

Do you think that could have been a warning to the people of the United States? If we allow our leader to allow the division of Israel, that the United States are going to have some level of destruction?

Who knows? I just know it hit me in the gut last night when I realized what had happened in the heart of Joplin, in the heart of America with this tornado that developed from nothing to EF5 in the matter of 2 minutes. The thing is tomorrow is it, tomorrow is the day when we vote either for or against Israel. I pray it's not too late for this country, if it is then I understand, these things must be. May God's will be done.
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If I understand you, I agree with you. The Joplin tornado was to "wake up" the people, not the POTUS.


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I have to disagree. I do not see Joplin as being an "example" or a warning. I live about 90 minutes from Joplin. I've been down there twice as my company donated a large amount of money to the people and the Fire Department. The horror stories from Joplin will make you tear up quickly. So many children were hurt and lost everything. Joplin is a town in the middle of nowhere, compared to most towns that get hit with such disasters. It isn't an "evil" town and the people, for the most part, are still God fearing individuals. It is a working class area with very few "upscale" homes compared to most regions. Small business is Joplin.

God designed this world. There have been tornado's and hurricanes since history has been recorded. Why is it a judgement or a "warning" because it happened now? I just don't understand that thinking at all. Are the other, smaller tornado's just good 'ol weather? Only the devastating ones are from God? That makes zero sense. I do believe God sends warnings. I firmly believe the floods we had in 1993 (the thousand year floods is what they were called) were due to the opening of all the new Casino's in this area. The timing was too perfect.... Casino's get opened, flood happens and ruins new Casino's. Hmmmmm.... What did Joplin represent though? Absolutely nothing. So, are we going to say it was just a plain old warning, but in reference to nothing? God just up and decided to devastate an entire city for no reason at all? I don't buy that for a second. This is a very clear case of us looking to make things fit the scriptures regarding the end times. I don't believe Joplin was a "sign" any more than I believe the other HUNDREDS of tornado's are. Were the large tornado's like Joplin signs? If so, of what? Again, God built this place and weather has always been a great equalizer of sorts. Look at history. Has God been sending signs for the last thousand years with his tornado's? Personally, I think things like this are what turn some people off to Christianity. Jesus didn't walk around claiming everything was a sign of his return or of the need to repent. He did so in specific cases.

Just my $.02 (Since Obama was re-elected, it may be worth less today...)


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UCT, if you even read a sentence of my post you would have seen that I know Joplin, very very well. And I have argued this in my mind since this horrific storm happened. It is on this board where I ever saw that this was judgement because of Obama discussing forcing Israel back into 1967 borders the day before. If floods can be caused because of casinos, why can't tornadoes be caused because if Israel. Read my post, before you go on, because it is clear you did not.

Now in response to my first post, the country has been divided in two by this election. You are on one side or the other, there really is no grey area here. Just as Joplin was divided North from the South, an ugly swath that tore from west to east. Virginia was the first State street to suffer damage by this tornado. Only time will tell if Joplin was a warning from God. I didn't think it was until a week ago, because it didn't make sense, now I can see what others saw 18 months ago.


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Dispensationalism aside there has to be room for God to bring pressure against his children. The first part of 2 Chron 7 that is often neglected to be used with the infamous call to repentance is 13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;
2 Chron 7:13 (KJV)
God clearly states that He is in control of His Nature. And He states that He uses it as Judgement. I may be wrong here but it seems to me without hours of research that God brings pressure and then waits for His People to repent and cry out to Him before He heals their land. It doesn't matter if it is the government that brings on the crying or outside forces, or natural disasters.

I think that FaithinChrist has some very valid points presented. I think that this should be looked at along with other natural disasters that have happened in recent times. If God is really in control then we shouldn't dismiss anything as just a happening. The Pilgrims always hit the prayer mat when bad things happened to their community. They always prayed through to an answer. Should we do less? I don't think that we can really afford to just throw away anything that causes suffering.

Can any of us say: 7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

John 8:7 (KJV)

Considering the post by Chris of what Joel Rosenberg questioned. I don't think that we can afford to discount anything as not a God attention getter to the Church.