The Israel-India-UAE-US relationship is now a strategic fact -analysis


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The Israel-India-UAE-US relationship is now a strategic fact - analysis
Tectonic shift in the region now has links to global partnerships that put regional powers in the driver’s seat hosting summits that link the US with Israel, the UAE, India and others.
Published: JULY 14, 2022

A virtual summit during US President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel – including Biden, Prime Minister Yair Lapid, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan – represents a huge strategic shift. It has been years in the making, as Israel and India were already strategic partners, and the Abraham Accords brought in the UAE.

The new summit, called I2U2 – India and Israel, and the UAE and the US – began as a virtual meeting. The cement and foundation that has been built around this, however, has major potential for the region, and also links up with the group members’ other partnerships. Groupings of countries matter in today’s world more than ever, because countries are trying to challenge US hegemony.