The IRS Went Down to Georgia to Steal an Election


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The IRS Went Down to Georgia to Steal an Election
The Democrats were in a bind, falling behind and looking to make a steal.
By Daniel Greenfield

An estimated 3.5 million people voted in the Georgia Senate runoff election. State Voices, a leftist nonprofit, claimed that it had made 3 million voter contacts for the runoff.

ProGeorgia, the local partner for State Voices, bragged of having conducted “31,000 face-to-face conversations, 10 million texts, and 133,000 phone conversations” and of registering “tens of thousands for the midterm election” so that “voters of color turned out in early voting at higher levels than their white counterparts”. Such an outcome was inherently partisan and could and only did benefit one particular party: the Democrats.

While such claims are commonplace among party activists, State Voices and Pro-Georgia are both 501(c)(3) nonprofits. That means that they’re funded by tax-deductible contributions and are not supposed to be involved in elections. But they’re also typical of a massive network of political nonprofits which not only advocate for the Left but help Democrats win races.

“We leaned on our trusted partners in our fight for our democracy. Partnership for Southern Equity, Georgia Equality, Black Voters Matter, Coalition for the People’s Agenda, Georgia STAND-UP, and GALEO were instrumental in securing this critical win for people power,” ProGeorgia’s director, Tamieka Atkins, boasted.

The Black Lives Matter Fund has a 501(c)(4) that focuses on recruiting voters and a 501(c)(3) which engages in “capacity building assistance for community based organization” which can accept tax-deductible contributions. This is likely where ProGeorgia partnered with BVM.

“Georgia voters practically handed victories to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with a historic election outcome,” BVM head LaTosha Brown boasted. “Georgia owes tremendous gratitude to its Black voters, who turned out and voted in record numbers.”

BVM benefited from a $100 million voter outreach and engagement war chest from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is also a 501(c)(3), but so are many of the Democrat organizations which are swinging elections using tax-deductible funds to bring in voters.

State Voices, through its various partners, claims similarly massive results across the country with “over 140 million voter contacts”, “1.9 million calls, 34.5 million texts”, “90 million emails” and 1 million door knocks. Parker Thayer at the Capital Research Center pointed out that these numbers trumped the 50 million voter contacts that the RNC had described as a new record.

While State Voices claims to be nonpartisan to retain its 501(c)(3) status, its partners are universally leftist groups including extremely partisan organizations like MoveOn and Color of Change. The IRS has ignored the close integration between C3s and C4s, whether it’s BVM or the ACLU balancing dual C3 and C4 arms or C3s like State Voices and ProGeorgia working closely on political goals with C4s. Either way the distinction between groups that are allowed to take in tax-deductible donations and those that are not has become a minor technicality.

And it could not have happened without the complicity of the IRS.

State Voices recently released a survey in three states on what people think “are problems and messages they may be most responsive to on issues” while emphasizing that it “encourages affiliates and partners to apply the guidance found in this research towards year round 501(c)(3) civic engagement activity” for “relevant legislative action and civic education work” but cautions about applying it to “voter registration or nonpartisan voter engagement activity without consulting counsel.” The legal firewall between polling voters about their views on abortion and then using it for “civic education”, but not “nonpartisan voter engagement”, or partisan voting engagement is equally thin.

Ever since the days of the NAACP, identity politics has been a convenient hook for setting up voter engagement organizations that appeal to particular demographics on particular issues. Nonprofits claim to be conducting “civic education” when they engage voters on the pet causes of the Democrats. But what’s the line between “civic education”, “nonpartisan voter engagement” and campaign activities? The IRS has made those lines meaningless.

And as a result, billions of dollars in tax-deductible funds have been used to finance Democrat campaign activities. This money passes through a series of ‘Russian nesting doll’ organizations as money from leftist megadonors like George Soros and foundations like the Ford Foundation is fed through smaller, but still huge middlemen like State Voices, which distribute money to their state counterparts, like ProGeorgia, that are themselves coalitions, uniting in this case, the Georgia AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, a teachers’ union and the Georgia Muslim Voter Project, along with dozens of more obscure local activist groups. Some of those groups also consist of even smaller coalitions that go down to the granular community group level.

The end result is a parallel operation that closely resembles the Democrats, shares their political views and works for the same causes, and funnels money that megadonors could not directly provide to the party to build something that is bigger and more effective than the party.

And much of it has the virtue of being tax-deductible so that taxpayers are the ones financing it.

State Voices claims that its “25 state-based coalitions… collectively partner with over 1,200 organizations.” The scale of the infrastructure involved easily dwarfs that of either party because State Voices is just one of a number of middlemen organizations that are playing a similar role.

While some campaign activities are still off limits, nonprofit cash is used to change voting rules, to finance elections, to conduct voter engagement and to collect lists used by Democrats. The nonprofit political machines shape the election battlefield so that the Democrats only have to focus on the most direct expenditures of the campaign rather than the big picture.

The IRS has made this political nonprofit taxocracy possible. It allows C3s to coordinate, partner, fund and provide resources to C4s on partisan issues. It lets C3s lobby on ballot measures while ignoring the requirement that these form only a small part of their expenditures. Its wilful neglect has permitted the Democrats to build a tax-deductible political machine that is not only altering the fabric of our country, but taking a direct and active role in its elections.

As discussed in Internal Radical Service by David Horowitz and John Perazzo, a pamphlet from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the IRS has allowed leftists to build massive nonprofit networks aimed at achieving their political agenda. What happened in Georgia is just one example. And it’s happening not only in Georgia but all across the United States of America.

How much of an impact did State Voices and its claim of 140 million voter contacts have on the 2022 election? And how much of an impact will its over a thousand partners have in 2024?

Those are inquiries that the IRS does not want to conduct, but they are the burning questions that lie at the core of what it means to have free and fair elections. The IRS has allowed its leftist political allies to taint our elections at the base using tax-deductible money. That is its original sin and it is destroying the integrity of not only our elections, but our nation.

When the devil went down to Georgia to steal its elections, the IRS went with him. There was no fiddle of gold in it: just a Senate committed to abortion, treason and the mutilation of children.