The Inescapable Link between Homosexuality and Pedophilia

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  1. Chris

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    The Inescapable Link between Homosexuality and Pedophilia
    By Bryan Fischer

    A German cardinal, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, is in a lot of trouble for pointing out the obvious: the problem in today’s Catholic Church is homosexuality and its inescapable link to pedophilia.

    The sexual abuse of boys by Catholic clergy is now a mushroom cloud hanging over the Catholic Church, threatening its stability and its future. The issue burst into the open with the revelation in the summer of 2018 that six dioceses in Pennsylvania had been covering up at least 1,000 instances of child sexual abuse by hundreds of priests over the course of decades.

    A study commissioned by the German Bishops Conference and published last year “found that more than 3,600 children were sexually abused by Catholic clergy in Germany between 1946 and 2014.”

    Cardinal Brandmüller was a bit too quick to deflect blame from the Catholic Church itself, by blaming the whole problem on homosexuality. But they invited this scandal when it began allowing homosexuals to enter its seminaries in the 1960s. They did so because of the difficulty of recruiting young men into the priesthood who quite naturally wanted to marry and have families.

    As more and more homosexuals flooded seminaries and then went into the priesthood, a culture of homosexuality was fostered in the church with all its attendant pathologies.

    One pathology that LGBT activists will not acknowledge is the unmistakable connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children stated flatly that “the vast majority of the offenders are male.” (The information in these paragraphs is found in the publication, “The Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality” from the Family Research Council.)

    The Journal of Sex & Married Therapy, in a study of male sex offenders against children, found that one-third of the offenders directed their sexual activity against males. And the Journal of Sex Research found that homosexual pedophiles commit about one-third of the total number of sex offenses against children.

    This fact is particularly disturbing. Homosexuals comprise just two percent of the population, yet are responsible for 33% of all child sexual abuse. They offend against children at 16 times the rate of the normal population.

    The Archives of Sexual Behavior, in a study of 229 convicted child molesters, found that “eighty-six percent of offenders against males described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.”

    Thus it comes as no surprise to discover that research into the priesthood scandal in the Catholic Church reveals that 81% of the victims of clergy abuse are young boys.

    Now this is most certainly not to say that every priest or even most priests are pedophiles. The great majority, of course, are not. But some, in fact too many, are and that’s the problem.

    Fortunately, the Catholic Church for the first time seems to be taking firm steps to deal with this, by making men with same-sex proclivities ineligible for the priesthood. If they had established this standard in 1960, thousands upon thousands of children would have been spared the life-altering trauma of sexual abuse.

    The Catholic Church is also taking the first tentative steps to allow married priests. An unmarried priesthood is a practice that dates only from the 14th century and does not go back to the beginning of the Catholic Church. There’s nothing biblical or apostolic about it. They must make this move soon because this scandal could take the Catholic Church down.

    If the Catholic Church needs inspiration for the change, they need only look at the man they consider the first Pope, the Apostle Peter. He was a married man, who had a mother-in-law whom Jesus healed from a fever and a wife with whom he traveled in his apostolic journeys.

    Bottom line: if the first “pope” could be married, every priest after him should have the same privilege. The Catholic Church will be stronger, priests will be happier, and children will be much safer.
  2. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    The RCC is still a cult any way you slice it. :sad

    People need to come out of the RCC not just because of the spiritual bondage, but from the physical bondage as well. :ohno
  3. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    The wisdom of the world are like waves rolling back and forth.
    In the 1960s there were psychiatrists who told on television that pedophilia was a good thing.
    Very loving, when an older man man caringly introduced a child in the pleasures of the flesh.
    Later those same “wise men” were mocked, ridiculed and almost lynched for their point of view,
    and they disappeared from the media outlets into obscure oblivion.
    But hey, presto, they are back (or their spirital sons), to tell the world once more,
    that we must be true to our “genuine self”, and do what is right (and lustfull) in our own eyes.
    Who knows what to believe anymore? You must believe them, they studied the topic, right?

    Thank God, there is one way, and On Way only, to discern right from wrong.
    Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. (Rev. 22)
    But woe on unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him. (Isa. 3)
  4. Endangered

    Endangered Well-Known Member

    Not only do homosexuals commit pedophilia at 16x the rate of straights, they are responsible for 55% of new AIDS cases each year. A very small segment of our population is responsible for wildly disproportionate rates of pedophilia and AIDS. And yet they are still protected by PC.
    Yes, I know the prog/libs will consider this post as "Hate Speech" but it is the truth.
    Source: US CDC.
  5. Watching and Waiting

    Watching and Waiting Well-Known Member

    <Bottom line: if the first “pope” could be married, every priest after him should have the same privilege. The Catholic Church will be stronger, priests will be happier, and children will be much safer.>

    I don't see that this follows at all. Is the author saying that paedophilia only happens because the men/priests are not married? Hardly. Paedophiles are attracted to the priesthood and the boy scout movement and gymnastics and swimming, etc, etc due to the prevalence of children and the "esteem" in which parents hold the teacher/priest/leader. This esteem was something they have used to their advantage for decades. Homosexual or otherwise, I wouldn't trust one spiritually or physically with my children.
  6. GotGrace

    GotGrace Well-Known Member

    How devastating it would be spiritually to have been abused or have a child that has been abused by one that is believed to be of the highest character. I’m very thankful I have never experienced this terrible thing. Never been a catholic always been So.Baptist and work part-time for another denomination that does not have priests. My heart breaks for the victims of these abusing priests. It appears to me that the ones who have covered it up are more guilty than the perpetrators. Just my thoughts this morning.

    The injured need prayers for recovery.
  7. RobinMc

    RobinMc Well-Known Member

    I don't think that is what he saying, but more, because they can't attract men who want to marry and have families, they get homosexuals, who may be more likely to also be paedophiles .

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