‘The Great O’Biden Depression’ is Here, and It’s Planned and Purposeful


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‘The Great O’Biden Depression’ is Here, and It’s Planned and Purposeful
Here’s how we fight back.
By Wayne Allyn Root

First, I want to explain the disaster happening right now in front of all of our eyes. Then I will present a solution. Everyone talks; it’s time for action. I have the plan.

Everything I’ve predicted has come to pass. Back on Oct. 30, 2016, in my opening speech for then-candidate Donald J. Trump’s last Las Vegas rally before the election, I told the crowd of 15,000-plus that a Trump victory was our last chance to save America.

I told the crowd that if Hillary Clinton were to be elected, it would be Obama’s third term. It would be the end of America. She would finish off America with Obama’s plan. It was a plan I learned at Columbia University, class of ’83, with my classmate, former President Barack Obama. The plan was called Cloward-Piven.

The Cloward-Piven strategy was to overwhelm the U.S. economy with welfare and debt, causing the economy to collapse, bankrupting the business owners, making the middle class jobless, and causing everyone to panic and beg big government to save them. That would open the door for socialism.

I predicted the main tool to do this would be opening the borders to let the whole world in, give them all cradle-to-grave welfare checks, free health care and free education (all paid by the great American middle class), and as a bonus, turn these millions of people here illegally into Democrat voters.

Sound familiar?

I also predicted Hillary and Democrats would use massive tax increases; draconian increases in government regulations; the green energy boondoggle that would waste billions of dollars and kill middle-class jobs; expand Obamacare to triple health care bills for the middle class; destroy the justice system to allow violent criminals to roam free while the corrupt DOJ and “woke” district attorneys funded by George Soros persecuted conservatives.

That was the Cloward-Piven plan that Obama and I learned at Columbia. That would have been the third term of Obama. But a funny thing happened in 2016: Trump was elected president. Hillary never got a chance to carry out Obama’s plan.

Recognize all of that? It’s all happening today under the “O’Biden administration.” That’s the deadly combo of Biden as the brain-dead dummy, and Obama as the ventriloquist.

Have you seen the latest GDP (economic growth number)? We had NEGATIVE 1.4% growth. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We are experiencing massive hyperinflation. Economic experts that I trust say the real inflation number is 20% or higher.

The real destruction to the economy and the middle class is -1.4% GDP plus 20% inflation. Add it up. That means the average American is experiencing a -21.4% economic decline.

This is “the Great O’Biden Depression.”

What’s the solution? When I wrote the bestselling book, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book,” my intent was to teach conservatives to practice “civil disobedience” by boycotting the biggest companies in America who support these woke, destructive, insane, Marxist politicians and policies. Without their money and support, Democrats could not pursue these radical policies.

If we all stopped spending with these companies, I predicted we could bring them to their knees. So, in my book, I listed the names of the CEOs and boards of directors, phone numbers, emails, physical addresses and social media addresses for 116 woke companies — including Disney and Netflix.

Disney has since lost $60 billion in stock value. Netflix has lost tens of billions in stock value. Both companies are listed prominently in my book. We did it. #BULLSEYE

But now I have an updated plan. It’s time to DOUBLE DOWN.

Don’t just boycott their products. It’s the perfect time to boycott their stocks. The middle class has enormous power. The middle class has IRAs, SEP IRAs, other retirement accounts and pension plans. We control trillions of dollars on Wall Street. My plan is simple: Sell off the stock in your retirement account of all the woke companies listed in my book or demand the managers of your pension fund do the same. The woke stocks will plummet.

Say goodbye to Disney and their transgender agenda. Say goodbye to Netflix and their stars: Barack and Michelle Obama. And punish those other 114 companies too.

It’s your money. Send a powerful message. We must punish woke companies who support Democrats and their radical, insane policies, like open borders, vaccine mandates, green energy, BLM, critical race theory, transgender education for kindergartners, defund the police, and opposition to voter ID (which leads to stolen elections).

This is how we fight back: with our pocketbooks. This is how we stop the flow of corporate money to the people hellbent on the destruction of America and capitalism. This is how we stop O’Biden.

We shall see who gets the last laugh.



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This sounds great and would be good in theory but for at least 2 potential issues (there may be more that I'm missing):

1. MOST folks do not have individual stocks in their 401K plan/Thrift Savings Plan, etc. but mutual funds which are collections of anywhere from dozens to thousands of individual stocks held in aggregate.

This is highly advisable for the diversification it offers; i.e. if one or a dozen stocks have a really bad year, the losses will not be AS noticeable to one's portfolio because the other stocks may not do as badly or may do good. Thus, if you sell off say the mutual fund holding in your 401K plan that holds Disney, it's not that impactful on Disney.

2. If you do happen to buy and sell individual stocks in your retirement plan and you sell these off to "make a point" you're really just "cutting off your nose to spite your face" so to speak, ESPECIALLY if you plan to buy that individual stock back later (at what will likely be a higher price) but seriously, why are you buying a woke company stock to begin with? Don't buy stocks of companies you are ideologically opposed to if you can help it.

IMHO, we would be much better off simply doubling down on not using or buying the products/services these woke companies exist to provide at a profit; THAT is where they will feel the $$$ hit the most.

Source of knowledge: worked in mutual fund industry as registered representative for 20 some years.


To be honest, it's looking like it may take an honest to goodness revolution. If we can get enough support high up to govern our military to literally overthrow the administration. They need to go after the ring leader, obamanation. The Root needs taken care of.
The administration worship's him as if he's God.


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To be honest, it's looking like it may take an honest to goodness revolution. If we can get enough support high up to govern our military to literally overthrow the administration. They need to go after the ring leader, obamanation. The Root needs taken care of.
The administration worship's him as if he's God.

It will be interesting to see the results of the mid term elections...I wonder if the dims are brazen enough to cheat again or do they just save that level of cheating for the presidential elections?

Note: I speak out a lot against "dims" and 'Progs" (and yes, I DO mean those words to be taken as pejorative slurs) but I'm also no friend of most Republicans either, most of them are RINO's and globalists whose real aspiration in govt is simply to remain in government and drink from that lucrative $$ trough in perpetuity.

Everlasting Life

Through Faith in Jesus
You know we had some interesting things happen in my neck of the woods. In our school district there was a new P.C. program (I'll let people guess what that means.....you'll most likely be on the mark) starting up and being implemented. There were/are many people praying for this district (and voting as best they can for the truly best for the students) for God's help in protecting the students and helping those in leadership to make good choices (even those who may be promoting that which is not of God....for God can sway hearts to His direction if needed).

In the meantime there was a vote up for the district to raise extra funding for the school which was being touted strongly for helping with band, extra curricular activities, etc. and, ........oh by the way a little something about social/counseling support (guess what that would be?). The first time the vote went out, it fell through. So the district put out another vote for less money and that was voted in. What was challenging was that of course parents want to have band/art and other fun, good programs for their kids.....but who wants that other stuff that's poisoned so many companies, schools and now even parts of our country along with?

As it turned out, there was just enough money voted in for the things that would be good for the kids but nothing else. As a result this new P.C. program had to be sacked (as per policy that was made quite a few years back.....but, the district of course was accused of being racist among other things :rolleyes: I pray that God's grace and mercy draws these people to Christ :pray ).

It seemed that in response to the praying parents, trusting God for His help, the whole thing was so nicely taken care of all around. The kids got the good programs that help build them up, give character building and teamwork skills and provide positive sense of accomplishment in a healthy way and the other stuff was, seemingly, just naturally cut. I couldn't help but to feel that this had been God's hand moving on behalf of parents (and other people in the community of Christ), trustingly praying for His help. And after, everyone could simply move on with their lives without a big brewhaha or terrible destruction in people's lives. It was quite an unexpected turn of events! I found myself praising in God in thankfulness for His help and answer to prayers.

I was struck anew at the power of prayer and God's wonderful faithfulness in answer to prayer. :bow I believe the church here in America has a very powerful resource in prayer, much more than is realized....for God, seeing Jesus Christ within, is very attentive and responsive to our prayers....in His timing.

I know there are times to stand up and make a stand and I pray that God give us all wisdom on when and how to do this, and also wisdom to know when to wait on Him, trusting Him for His timing. I also pray that God shows us how to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves in response to what we see happening in our country. :pray