The Great Illusion


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Deception or illusion, nothing more than a distraction to implement the Great Reset which is happening as we speak. Digital currency will be next. Put a tight squeeze on the American people financially and eventually they will do whatever it takes to survive. I see nobody protesting on the streets with gas prices and inflation at record levels. What we see today has been implement for some time now. Power and control ....Corporations, media, and politicians that are nothing more than puppets.. Yep Prophecy being fulfilled.


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I’ve always subscribed to the idea that given the exceptional nature of our nation’s existence, the US collapse at the Rapture of the Church is what triggers the global order to be overthrown in the blink of an eye. And I still believe that. However, if what I said is true with regards to the nations today, then our day of redemption must be all the sooner. Because in Ezekiel 38-39, God’s focus is not on the Church (where it is today), but back on this covenanted land and people, to whom He owes, seven final years.
Well said Pete! Very informative.


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Great explanatory article by Pete. The president we have is bringing about the NWO agenda. :praying many people accept their Savior :fish. Get right don't get left behind for the tribulation.