The Great Dinosaur Extinction Hoax


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The Great Dinosaur Extinction Hoax
By David Jolly

Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago! For over 200 million years, dinosaurs ruled the world until they were all suddenly wiped out by a catastrophic event. You hear it everywhere to you turn.

A few years back, I did most of the research for a book on dinosaurs published by a well-known creationist. While conducting that research, I started noticing something that seemed to go against what the evolutionary community was claiming about the extinction of the dinosaurs, and it was from their own literature.

First let me say that the millions of years terminology used in this article is only to convey what the evolutionists say and believe. They do not reflect the views of this author or website as we firmly believe the biblical account of Creation approximately 6,000 years ago along with the abundance of evidence that supports a young-earth.

The project started with the collection of a number of books on dinosaurs, all of them written by evolutionists. The books ranged from children’s books to adult and technical. Creating a spreadsheet, I started listing all of the dinosaur names I could find listed in the books along with the dates they first show up and last disappeared in the fossil record. Then I went to the Internet to search out each and every name to gain additional and more recent information on the list of dinosaur names I had accumulated.

The list of dinosaur names eventually totaled around 1,200 or more. Surprisingly, I discovered that over 500 of those names were valid and accepted names. The rest had either been reclassified to another name or remain in doubt, so I excluded all them. Of the 500+ remaining valid dinosaur names, only 85 of them were still living at the time of the mass extinction that supposedly occurred some 65 million years ago at the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) Boundary. Eighty-five out of over 500 dinosaurs means that according to the evolutionists own literature; only about 16.5% of the dinosaurs were still living at the time of the catastrophe that wiped them all out.

Therefore. it is safe to conclude that there really wasn’t any huge mass extinction of the dinosaurs at the K/T Boundary since most of them were already extinct long before then. Furthermore, the disappearances of dinosaurs stretch from the time that they first appeared up to the K/T Boundary, a period (in their time frame) of nearly 265 million years, which doesn’t seem like much of a mass extinction does it?

In Mike Oard’s article, The Extinction of the Dinosaurs, he points out that there have been numerous theories to explain the dinosaur extinction. They ranged from the climate being too hot to too cold, too wet to too dry, to changes in vegetation, development of poisonous plants or insects that stung them to death. Other theories speculated that the emerging small mammals began eating all the dinosaur eggs. Butterfly and moth caterpillars stripped off too much foliage from the plants, causing the herbivorous dinos to die off first and then the carnivorous ones died off after.

However, the most popular theories today deal with either an impact event or volcanic activity. You can read more about these in numerous articles on the CMI website.

Many creationists like to say that the dinosaurs went extinct during the Genesis Flood. While it’s true that the vast majority of them died off during the Flood, accounting for the ones we find in the fossil record, some dinosaurs survived the Flood and continued to live for several thousand years alongside man.

What do I base it on?

First of all. there are the accounts of the Behemoth and Leviathan in the book of Job. Then if you examine the stories, legends, historic writings and artwork from cultures all over the world, there really is substantial evidence that dinosaurs survived long after the Flood. Dragon’s have reigned supreme in the folklore of civilizations from China, Europe, Australia, Africa and even a number of island nations. Many of them have very similar depictions of what the dragons looked like and how they acted.

Besides the many legends of dragons, there have also been numerous written accounts of encounters with real animals that match the descriptions of various dinosaurs.

From the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh, the accounts of Alexander the Great to the Greek historian Herodotus, to the 16th century Italian physician Ulysses Aldrovandus to the brass carvings on the tomb of 15th century Bishop Richard Bell. The brass carvings depict a number of very real and identifiable animals and also included this one that appears to be some kind of sauropod dinosaur.

About 20 years ago, I saw a photo of a large stone somewhere in the United Kingdom. On the stone was carved a depiction of the monster Grendel from the ancient poem – Beowulf. That stone carving was a near perfect match for a T. rex including the very short forearms and large head. It was estimated that the carving was made somewhere around AD 1000. T. rex wasn’t discovered until 900 years later.

Not only do the evolutionists’ own literature nullify their so-called great dinosaur extinction, but so do the many sightings that have been recorded throughout the centuries of recorded history.

If you have ever watched any of the real forensic programs on television, you will know that DNA degrades over time. In many cases only a few decades old, the DNA has degraded to the point that it cannot be tested. If dinosaurs lived between 320 million to 65 million years ago, then how do they explain the DNA found in soft dinosaur tissue? Not only is the DNA a problem for millions of years, but so is finding soft dinosaur tissue.

Secular scientists need dinosaurs to be millions of years old to help justify their belief in millions of years and evolution. Consequently, they readily dismiss the overwhelming evidence that dinosaurs were around just a few thousand years ago. To admit this would be to justify the Genesis account of Creation and they dare not allow that to happen, regardless of the real facts and evidence.


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Interesting. I wasn’t aware this was a popular belief.

I think what he is referring to is that some people believe that the Flood was used to stop not only Satan's tinkering with the human genes, but also his fooling around with the animals as well. This fooling around is what some believe led to the Nephillim and dinosaurs. I think popular belief is that the Flood took care of the corrupted human genes, but I have no idea one way or the other if it included dinosaurs. Some think he tinkered with them after the flood. I don't know one way or the other. I have a little trouble wrapping my mind around all of it. :lol


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Interesting. I wasn’t aware this was a popular belief.

The Flood being as close to an extinction event as recorded in the Bible, it seems the best way to account for what was once a thriving ecosystem with hundreds of species could've been decimated so quickly and the memory of it lost to antiquity. Some believe the earth's climate and environment was fundamentally different before the flood, that accounted for both the long ages of the Patriarchs recorded in Genesis, and how dinosaurs could've grown so large. The dinosaurs that survived on the Ark, struggled to adapt to a harsher, post Flood environment.