The EU to control the speed of cars


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That is what I always liked about the old 2 cylinder John Deere tractors. They were governed right at their torque peak. While other tractors would lug down somewhat under a heavy load the John Deere would just bark louder and keep going. The funny thing was that all the tractors back then would rev at about the same speed. But to my knowledge the John Deere alone ran at its torque peak.
I wish I had an older model. My 2012, JD 5055E has been a nightmare. One thing after another.


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Oh, man! I used to think that Night Rider's car, Kit, was cool cuz it talked to him. Now, I hate when I put my groceries in the front passenger seat, and the "passenger seat is unbuckled" sign lights up n dings at me all the way home, lol. I also don't appreciate when my vehicle puts the breaks on if I am getting close to someone, tho that'd come in handy if I was distracted I guess. Overall, I dont like "self thinking" cars, or ones that someone else can control... I mean, ppl can still die in a crash at 77 mph. All about control.

I think I read that the cost of old cars, those without computer controls, is going up.


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I think I might sell it. At my age, I'm afraid to shoot it. Last time I did was a couple of years ago. No matter how careful I am with it, 5 shots will give the shooter a sore shoulder. I do think it would be great for home defense...

I'm really old school. My machicolations are all decked out with boiling pitch, and I practically never let down my drawbridge. Most of the overhead cost is in raw meat to feed the moat gators. The weeks where enemies invade actually lower the costs, believe it or not.


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Is it the case where only John Deere can repair it? They've been getting a lot of bad press in that regard.
What is really going on is this. The tractor companies convinced the farmers that they needed tractors that leveled their land. The tractor would tell the farmer when it is time to service. Do lots of thinking for the farmer.
Only the tractor manufacture would not release any of the computer programing that took care of the tractor. So when repairs were needed it was at top dollar. Because that tractor manufacture were the only ones that had the programing and installation for the tractor's computer. That is a battle that rages right now.