The church in Radio Times (UK)


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Each year we buy a Radio Times (tv and radio listings published each week) for Christmas and New Year. It is the only time we buy it because it is just as easy now to see what is on buy scrolling through the online scheduled. Like most mainstream publications it is the usual mix of leftist, woke, secularism. But this year there were two full page articles on Christianity but they just left me sad and angry at the lost opportunity. One was a message from a Bishop and another from an Anglican Vicar. What was sad was in both cases neither of them spoke of the reason for Christmas, the Gospel or any mention of the message of Christianity. Rather the Bishop used it to rant about socialism being good and then implied that following Jesus was for the most part getting involved in 'helping' the poor through socialist politics. The vicar spoke about the loss of his male partner and some vague thoughts about love and living a good life before we die and are dead! One sign that the return of Christ is close is apostasy in the church. Sadly apostasy in the church is very much alive and well. I pray that the Spirit will guide those who are seeking Christ to real Christians rather than all these churches that will fill on Christmas eve and day this year, but will be preaching lies and keeping people from salvation.

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Since the magazine is lefty, is it possible that the only way for the Bishop and Vicar to have articles in there was to follow the agenda?

I agree, though, that Christmas is an excellent/easy time/way to share The Gospel, and missing any opportunity is unfortunate.


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