The Cherubim in Ezekiel


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Do you think we will see the cherubim and whirly wheels with eyes when we get to heaven?


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The event in Ezekiel is God's chariot. Because He was to leave the temple in Jerusalem. Notice that the Cherubim didn't have feet, they had hooves. Secondly they had wheels as a chariot would have. Thirdly, God is seated above the Cherubim: 2 Sam 22 and Psalm 18 state that

"He rode on a cherub, and flew;
he was seen upon the wings of the wind."

There's a lot more but it contrasts from what Isaiah saw where the seraphim were above where God was seated. Quite different.

Rocky Rivera

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I do believe we'll see the cherubim. They stand (or fly) around the throne of God, in square formation. I'm assuming that they are the highest form of created sentient beings.