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February 2, 2018
The Center of the Web

By J. Marsolo

Each day we learn about more corruption that occurred during the Obama administration. We know about the lies of Benghazi, the use of the IRS to target conservative groups, and the lies about Fast and Furious. It has been forgotten as old news, and was ignored by the mainstream media.
We learned about Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s wife taking over $700,000 in campaign contributions from Clinton’s money man, Terry McCauliffe, for a minor state office. McCabe has been forced to resign, which is a discharge in employment law, presumably because of his involvement in the $700,000 coupled with the FISA warrant to spy on Trump associates, his meetings with FBI agents Peter Strzok and Linda Page, his role in whitewashing the investigation of Hillary’s email scandal, and the expected IG report.
We learned that Comey wrote the exoneration letter before he interviewed Hillary and other witnesses, how the letter was edited to remove Obama’s name as the recipient of Hillary’s emails from her unsecure email system, and how the letter was changed from “grossly negligent,” which is in the statute, to “extremely careless.”

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This is the thing that was eating away at me for those 8 yrs. As time progressed I saw everything appearing as lie after lie was multiplied and I feared we were going to be in for a season of trying to straighten out years where corruption had absolutely taken over in that administration. Now Trump is having trouble weeding out people one by one who became a part of it - even on the "conservative" side. Honestly, it got SO BAD, much worse than I feared it would have. We have a cancerous infection that doesn't want to let go. Now Scaramucci is going sideways. I'm wondering who's going to be next. As we go, we'll find out more and more who all has been affected by this evil. Makes you wonder if we are on the operating table and are flatlined.