The Bible and slavery?

I have an actual question regarding this topic as I've read SO many atheists and homosexual activists as of late claiming that the Bible supports slavery. Ive read the passages thst talks about what I guess one would call indentured servitude, and that this was often used as a method of paying off debt. That basically a contract that was entered into by both parties. But there were as I remember very specific rules regarding the proper treatment of the indenturred servant. That and at the end of a seven year period; as I remember, the contract was up and the debt was cancelled. I would appreciate anyone with any further input on this topic. As a matter of fact i know that this was a way that a good many people got to come to the Americas when they didn't have money to pay their own way.


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God made provision for slavery in the Hebrew law. Slaves were suppose to be given their freedom in the seventh year. (the Sabbath year) That is the difference. Under God's law anyone that was a slave to an Hebrew was to be freed in the seventh year. So slavery was not a permanent thing.


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Here is something short and succinct: Does the Bible condone slavery?

Two things that stick out for me:

1) It is true God does not outlaw all slavery, but slavery as it was known then was different than what we assume the Bible means by the term "slave" now. People sold themselves into slavery to pay off debts. Some chose slavery for the security of needs being met. God mandated by His Law specifics on how humanely slaves were to be treated.

The slavery that we think of today - kidnapping and coercion - is abhorrent to God. He mandated the death penalty for anyone who committed that. God does not, in no uncertain terms, support or condone that.

2) The other thing that stays with me is that the Bible is about pointing man to salvation. That is man's urgent and desperate need, not so much about the outward reformation of societies. As individuals are changed by the power of the Holy Spirit, that is what effects real change in the world. We see that in how slavery was finally outlawed in the US.


The answer to the question you ask is a matter of perspective. FACT: We are all slaves in one way or another, because we are humans in a fallen, sinful world. REMEDY: Christ's redemptive sacrifice at the cross is the means by which we are granted permission enter God's presence. ALTERNATIVE: Continue living as slaves in this mortal, temporal plane and suffer the eternal consequences.

Does the bible condone slavery? NO! The scriptures do not condone slavery in any form whatsoever. It is the antithesis of all that is divine, true and purposed for mankind from the beginning of time. Slavery is man-made, not God-made.

Scoffers and unbelievers often twist the Word to condone their personal agendas. Don't accept their skewed arguments as valid, because they are not. These arguments are diversions.
It's like most things in the Bible when scoffers try to attack it. They'll use a single verse, or something else from it and use it out of context. I do know that Christians did indeed help end slavery in the US and elsewhere. I know there are some people who might have tried to use the Bible to defend slavery as it stood in the US, but apparently they failed to read and comprehend what was being said.


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I am a lifetime student of the American Civil War, it's politics and military history.
First let me say that the Southern pro-slavery leaders did quote the Bible in defending slavery, because
of slavery mentioned in the scriptures... like in Abraham's time.

But would slavery have been outlawed during the 19th century in America without
the activities of the strongly Christian anti-slavery forces? These people were located mainly in the
north-eastern parts of the country, and they were usually strong Christians who cared for the
rights and feelings of the helpless slaves in their country. Today these heroes are often compared
to the Christian anti-abortion forces who also care for a helpless people.

God is for the helpless and in his good time will bring them out of whatever type of cruel
bondage they are under if we are faithful to him!!!