The Bennett-Lapid government’s year in diplomacy - analysis


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The Bennett-Lapid government’s year in diplomacy - analysis
Bennett may not have Netanyahu’s oratorial flair or his international renown, but he had something else: He’s not Netanyahu.
Published: JUNE 12, 2022

For a government whose political road has been very bumpy over its year of existence, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid have navigated its diplomatic situation remarkably smoothly. There have been plenty of challenges – this is Israel, after all, our international relations are anything but simple – but they have managed to pick up where former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu left off, running with his achievements and adding their own.

When Netanyahu left office Israel’s relations with the world were flourishing in many ways. The Abraham Accords were his crowning achievement,– the first peace agreements between Israel and Arab states in 26 years. That came after he successfully leveraged Israel’s technological leadership, in defense and commercial realms, into closer ties with countries around the world. Plus, Netanyahu laid the groundwork for Israel’s natural gas resources to be a pipeline to an improved international standing.