The beginning of the end for Bibi? - analysis


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The beginning of the end for Bibi? - analysis
Likud source: "He's becoming a loser, dragging Likud down. He needs to consider his position."
AUGUST 5, 2021

Four Likud Knesset members eating Jerusalem Mixed Grill sandwiches at the Hatzot restaurant on Agrippas Street not far from the Knesset concocted plenty of conspiracy theories on Tuesday. Two of them, Nir Barkat and Yuli Edelstein, hope to succeed former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as head of Likud. The third, Haim Katz, is chairman of the powerful Likud central committee and has become an ally of Barkat. The fourth, Eti Atiah, is a confidante of Katz and a relatively unknown MK whose face is fairly unfamiliar. But Barkat and Edelstein were immediately recognized in the photo of their table spread on social media.

Were they planning a Likud rebellion? Would they soon be eating Netanyahu for lunch? “There was no conspiracy other than that we had two hours between votes and we were hungry,” Katz said. Edelstein and Barkat also cautioned against reading too much into the photo. But they clearly did not mind being seen in public together, or they would not have gone there.