The “Back” administration


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This administration has set a record for White House staff walking BACK comments made to the press by the President.
Jen Psnarky promised to
circle BACK with real answers.
If you speak out against liberal insanity, you have a target on your BACK.
Policy makers are secreted in a BACK room in a still unknown location.
Our economy is flat on its BACK.
If Biden is removed from office, his replacement is ready BACKstage at the Comedy Club.
To identify the cause of any crisis, just go BACK to “Donald Trump”.
To find a real accomplishment of this administration, you can go BACK to Inauguration Day, and still not find one.
You can research American history BACK to the Boston Tea Party and not find leadership worse than this.
Polls show that most Dems would like to go BACK to the 2020 election and rethink their vote.
Build BACK better - make up your own joke.


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I wish we could go back to Trump. He was so much better then what we have now for sure. I am hoping we are out :rapture of here before the election in November. I don't want to see the sneaky tricks that the Dem's have up their sleeve don't trust them for 1 second.