The Answered Prayer


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A couple days ago there was this news item about a lady kidnapped in Philadelphia, and
the video was aired that showed a man dragging a small woman kicking and screaming to his
car. It was not hard to imagine her dying a horrible death. Nobody should have to die like that.
I prayed for her, prayed hard and I knew that there were many Christians praying for her, maybe
thousands all over the nation. My wife prayed for her too.

Yesterday we learned that she had been rescued and her captor will be held accountable
for his actions. When many Christians pray for someone like this, and when it is within God's will
the outcome can be wonderful. What happened we are told was not very likely, but this time it happened.
Thanks go to Jesus.


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I was praying as well newstate.
Praise God for the actions of those involved in her safe return
to her family. Thank you Lord.