Thanksgiving Prayers


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Hey everyone,

I know it is already Saturday but it is today that I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my mother, due to family issues that precluded celebrating Thanksgiving at the normal time.

My two favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for different reasons. On Christmas, it is a time for me to contemplate Christ, my salvation, and engage in a certain form of worship and inward meditation focused on Christ. With thanksgiving, while the gratitude is directed at God, it has a different feel to it and I feel like there is a better verse to use in prayer.

Thanksgiving is my other favorite holiday because it is is the most care free of them all. at least to me. It's a time to just get together with family, enjoy God's bounty, and give thanks. At Christmas dinner prayer, Isaiah 53 is usually what I lean on by reading it aloud with my guests before dining. But thanksgiving, on the other hand, to me, feels more like a time to simply get together with those you love, and enjoy God's bounty. Does anyone have any wonderful prayers from scripture that would make a good start for our Thanksgiving meal, as described?: