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I am trying to darken the font but not have it too big. Enlarging font works well when I am reading articles etc. but not when I have the glare.


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Testing again! I think I know what I did wrong.

Edit: Eh, that worked but it doesn't help when I am typing or reading other posts because it doesn't enlarge until it posts. I was just trying something new, no response needed.

Flavius01 Josephus

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If you have Windows 8 [ or perhaps some other version of Windows ] there is a way to open up a tool at the bottom of the screen.

Move your cursor all the way to the top of an opened window here at the forums. Right click the mouse and select 'Status Bar'. When
done there will be a checkmark next to the words 'status bar'. On my Windows version there will be an icon that says '100 %' along with
a magnifying glass icon; this selection is for Zoom capability. If you mange to see this icon then it is easy to change the size of the
graphics being displayed. It comes in handy for me when webpages display tiny text or when I want to Zoom in on pictures. Zooming
in on webpages messes up the format of the page a bit but this trick may or may not help you with what you are trying to do.

You can also select the 'Status Bar' by clicking on the 'View' heading; then the 'Toolbar' heading and then selecting the Status Bar option.